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So if you’re a regular follower of this blog, you know that my brother’s bachelor party was Saturday night. I waffled back and forth about going, but I had a great time and didn’t leave early at all. Of course, I’m paying for it now. Why, I asked myself when I stumbled out of bed yesterday morning…Why, oh why did I act like I was still 25?

Yes, it seems that I had way, way too much to drink. The really sad part is, I don’t remember how much I drank. I suppose I was celebrating my brother’s upcoming wedding as well as my first steps into writerdom because I drank as though I’d just graduated from college…again. Even worse, my nephews were present and saw their aunt acting like an ass. At least, I think I acted like an ass. My godson was our designated driver, thank GOD, and he said…

“Nanny, you were holding onto the parking meter when we were leaving the bar and said ‘Don’t let a car hit me!’. Then, we walked across the street to the car and  you were on the sidewalk. An SUV drove by on the opposite side of the street and you said, ‘Phew! That was close!'”

The way I feel today, I feel as though I was hit by the car. I think that’s because I spent a few hours on the hallway floor because as I told my uncle, “My dog wants me down here”. Yeah…okay, so I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack when I drink. Which is why I don’t do it anymore.

My brother had fun even if he spent the rest of the night calling Ralph on the big white phone. He certainly partied and he told me yesterday that he isn’t sure he’ll ever drink beer again. Of course, no one told him he had to drink every beer in alphabetical order that the bar offered. He decided that on his own. And only got to “F”. Poor lad.

It wasn’t awkward, it wasn’t strained…it was fun. I’m glad I was able to share it with my brother, uncle, and nephews (even if they all got to see a side of me I haven’t shown since I was in college). I’ve decided to be much more circumspect at the wedding though. No need to show my ass to all of my sister-in-laws family!


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Tales of a Groomswoman Part 2

Last night I sat down with my brother (the groom-to-be) to discuss his bachelor party. It’s been decided that the boys who want to, will play 18 holes of golf during the day, then we’ll head out to a buffalo wing joint (not Hooters) for dinner, then we’re going to Mahoney’s. *sigh* I love Mahoney’s. It’s supposed to be an Irish style pub, but it’s so far off the mark. I don’t care though, they have the best selection of beer there. Oh yes…Guinness on tap and something else I can’t recall at the moment.

I know this probably seems like a tame bachelor’s party. Especially when you take into account the bachelorette party is being held in New Orleans. Yes, for that party we’ll be playing 18-hole-in-the-wall-bars. Apparently, it’ll be like golf, but without the clubs and greens. No, the shots we’ll be taking will be drinks and there’s a scoring system set up that I don’t understand.

Should I feel bad for not setting the bachelor party at some strip club? Hell no! This is my little brother we’re talking about here and my nephews are going to be a part of it as well, not to mention my aunt would KILL my uncle if he went to a strip club. Actually, I pretty much left the choices up to my brother. He chose to play golf and go to Mahoney’s. Because he’s not into that scene, which makes me happy.

So last night we had to sit down and figure out who was coming to this bachelor party. I tried to get out of attending, but all I managed to avoid was golf. My brother is insistent that my cousin and I join the lads for drinks. That’ll be so. Much. Fun! Actually, it probably will be. He’s also saying that if I ever get married, he wants to be the Man of Honor or one of the bridesmaids. Yeah, he would do it too.

And that’s the current pre-wedding state. Everything is scheduled for May which gives me plenty of time to contact everyone and find golf-type clothes for the bachelorette party.


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