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Fantasy Man Friday

Well, today is the last day of guest blogger week. I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting the characters of Ain’t No Bull, as well as the awesome Kristin Miller. Next week starts my 7-day blog tour and I hope to see some of y’all around! Today we have Isola “Izzy” Malone, Amazon, heroine of Ain’t No Bull, and fellow Fantasy Man connoisseur!

Izzy, take it away!

Do you have to keep emphasizing my first name? You know I hate it. It’s so…soft and romantic sounding *shudders*

Anyway, hey y’all! It’s about damn time I get to say something. After reading what Grant, the heifer mother, and incubus had to say, y’all probably think I’m a monster or something. Which is ironic since I’m the only one who can’t change into something else. And when I get back to Grant’s house, his ass is so mine. *blush* I mean—I’m going to kick his ass!

Sheesh, y’all are a tough crowd. Now I know why Danica worries every week about picking the right fantasy man. As if there’s a wrong one. Men are gorgeous creatures. I especially like the ones who clean house. Why, when I was still with my tribe, I’d fight for those and—

Isola! Dammit, I told you not to talk about those other men!

Grant, this is so not your blog post. Be quiet so I can share my love of beautiful men with all of the ladies who visit here! *sniff* I swear, sometimes Bull Boy drives me insane. He acts like I’m pure as the driven sn—


Dang! See what I mean? Danica feels my pain, don’t you? I mean, I’m an Amazon. Hello! I’m all about hanging with my sisters, kicking ass, catching a few all-male review shows, and watching movies, although I haven’t had a lot of time to do those things except the kicking ass part. It seems like I’ve been fighting someone since I came to Wyoming. Wyoming of all places! My queen is a cruel witch sometimes. *sniff*

Anyway, this is what I like to look at…*whispers* when I’m not staring at Grant. OMG, did I mention he is f-i-n-e? Seriously, that bull has a body that makes me want to cry it looks so good.

I’m glad you think so, baby.

Dammit! He heard me! Anyway, I’ve got to go…you know um, there are nymphs to fight, minotaurs to evade, cow-swans to torment. *cackle* But enjoy the picture! And be sure to look for Danica next week. She’s all worried about people thinking she’s weird or something stupid like that *eye roll*. I keep telling her if she’d just wield a sword when she’s talking to people, they’ll listen to everything she says, but nooo, she has to be all like “But I don’t want to scare anyone, Izzy!” *snort*

Isooollaaaaa, I have a present for you named B.O.B.!

That sneaky mintoaur!! Gotta go!

Well, that was…interesting. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself this week! I know I have. And does Izzy know how to pick good-looking men or what? Rar. This little cutie is just asking for me to do naughty stuff to him. Bwahaha!

Thank y’all for visiting this week. If you’d like to follow the blog tour, here are the scheduled dates:

August 29 – Laurie’s Thoughts & Reviews(Interview/Giveaway)
August 30 – Babs Book Bistro(Guest Post/Excerpt)
August 31 – Close Encounters with the Night Kind(Review/Giveaway)
September 1 – Deep in the Heart Romance(Guest Post/Excerpt)
September 2 – Escape by Fiction(Review/Giveaway)
September 5 – Bea’s Book Nook(Guest Post/Excerpt)
September 6 – Book & Movie Dimension(Review/Giveaway)
Happy friday everyone and have a safe weekend! 


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Guest Blogger: Fallon Plaisance

Hey y’all, I’m so, so excited to have a very special guest today. *blush* I’ll admit, I’ve been in love with this man since the first time he appeared in Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose. *fans herself* Today we have Sin Den Master (leader of incubi), Fallon Plaisance! *squees!*

*flutters her eyelashes* Fallon?

Merci, Danica! Thank you for the warm welcome. Hello, everyone. Comment ce va? Danica tells me she has been teaching you Cajun French. *smiles* I’m so glad. The Cajun French language and heritage is very close to my heart.

I’m not actually a native of south Louisiana. I’m originally from Ireland, but I moved here oh…well, it was so long ago, I can barely remember. I do remember though that I fell in love with south Louisiana. The food, the people, the weather, it’s all perfect! I set up an incubi den here and we’ve been um…entertaining women ever since. *wink*

So imagine how horrified I was when I was asked to check on my friend, Izzy, in Wyoming of all places. Wyoming! *mutters in French* Did you know it is cold there? Bitterly cold and of course that’s when ma fouine, decided she had to be exiled from her tribe. *mutters more* Snow! There was snow all over the place and a very angry taureauthere. I think he might have wanted to kill me. And why? Because I’m an incubus and much better looking than he is.

Um, Fallon? You do know Izzy and Grant will read this, right?

Mais, yeah, cher! I count on it. I love to rile them up. Taureau is so gone on ma fouine, he can barely see passed his septum ring. *laughs* Ah, it makes me happy to see Izzy shaken up. She is such a wild one, always doing outrageous things that she will not let others very close to her. She thinks I do not notice, but I do. She is a good girl, a sweet woman, but she’s also tête dur. Mais, sometimes I think she is asking for trouble and this time she got it.

That taureau is going to catch her, mark my words. He is just as tête dur as she is, maybe more because he is a bull, yes? Or am I mixing him up with a jackass? *laugh*


*laugh* Danica, she is the peacemaker, always trying to keep us out of trouble. Pauvre bête! She does not realize that characters in books will behave the way they want to and not the way the author thinks they should. *laughs and blows a kiss at Danica* I must go and check on Izzy to see if she has murdered Grant yet.

*sigh* I do love that incubus…Oh, sorry y’all! LOL Um, Fallon is quite the charmer *blush* So um, did you happen to catch the Cajun French in his post? I’ve been holding onto a signed copy of Ascension by Sable Grace since June and I’ll give a copy to the person who can correctly translate all (or most of) the French used in the post today.

Tomorrow we’ll have the lady of the hour, Isola “Izzy” Malone on the blog for Fantasy Man Friday. Let me tell ya, that woman knows her fantasy men! *fans herself*


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Guest Blogger: Arabella Strickland

Hey y’all…I hope you’re enjoying this week of guest bloggers because I’m having a blast! I get to do other things, like ogle smexy men for Fantasy Man Friday posts and write on my newest novella. I um, didn’t know if today’s guest blogger should have her say, but she um twisted my arm until I cried like a baby talked me into it. Today we have Arabella Strickland, Grant’s mom! Y’all be nice!

Ms. Bella? Go on.

Thank you, Danica. I resent the implication that I bullied you into letting me guest blog today. I am a sweet, little cow-swan who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Unless her name’s Isola Malone. *fumes* That…that…Amazon is going to ruin my Grant’s future! I’ve been sending the sweetest little cow-swans his way for years and then he meets this…woman and thinks she’s his mate? I don’t think so! My baby deserves a calm, drama-free life with no battles and killer imps or nymphs or dangerous predators like Amazons following him around. *sniff*

My son deserves to have a mate who’ll keep him comfortable, not go galloping through the countryside picking fights and being rude. And that Isola is r-u-d-e! Why, she nearly drove me off the road and then had the nerve to blame it on me! Grant swears she’s a sweetheart, but my poor baby doesn’t realize Amazons are dangerous. *whispers* Why, I even heard thy brand their men! Can you believe that? Like they’re…catt—nevermind, that’s a bad example.

Anyway, Danica asked me to play a song I thought might sum up my son’s problems with this Amazon and I had to pick my very favorite human singer, Mr. Johnny Cash. Such a dangerous man. *titters* I hope you enjoy the song and please help me convince Grant to leave that…Isola woman alone!

Um, thanks, Ms. Bella. Ah…so, she chose a Johnny Cash song and it just so happens that there’s a remake of it! Perfect for my summer remake series! “Ring of Fire” was remade by Social Distortion and I have to say I love both versions. What do you think? (About the song and Ms. Bella’s accusations?)

The Original:

The Remake:

Danica! You ruined my post! *sniff* Young people have no taste. Ladies, please back me up here.

Um…a little help here? I don’t want her to shift to her cow form and stampede me!


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Guest Blogger: Grant Strickland

Hey y’all, today I have a very special hunk guest, Grant Strickland! It took me a lot of work to convince him to join us for the guest blogging week, but he’s here and I hope y’all will be sweet to him!

Take it away, Grant!

Er, thanks Danica. Ahem.

Okay, I don’t know what the hell to talk about.

Just act normal, Grant and no swearing!

Right. So…I’m Grant Strickland and I’m a Taurus. Heh heh.

Seriously, I am. Well, I’m a minotaur, but it’s almost the same thing. I really hate talking about myself. I’d rather talk about this crazy assed woman I just met. She’s an Amazon and day-um, is she fu fine…she’s fine.

She’s also crazy. Did I mention that already? I mean, it’s not like I knew the nymphs were planning to kidnap me or anything. I thought they were ready for a little—

Grant! Language!

Damn, uh, Darn, sorry Danica. Anyway, I was following nature’s course, you know? A group of sexy nymphs feels up a guy in a bar and what’s he to think? I’ll tell you what he’s thinking, he’s thinking *looks at Danica* uh, that they want to um, talk and uh…stuff. Next thing I know, this gorgeous woman appears out of nowhere. Dark hair, dark eyes…big *looks at Danica again* uh, personality!

Did I mention she’s gorgeous? Man, that woman ties me in knots. It wasn’t the best way to meet, but it wasn’t like I expected to meet my mate just then. My mom is going to have a cow. Heh heh. No, seriously, she will. She’s got this crazy idea that I actually want to be tied down to a cow-swan. Do you know what cow-swans do all day? Nothing! Well, I mean, they’re housewives and stuff like that, which is cool, but I like my women to be spirited.

And boy, is Isola spirited. She’s so sexy and strong and hot and yes, crazy and I can’t get enough of her. I like how loyal she is to her Amazon sisters, although I could really do without that damn incubus hanging around. *mutters under his breath* Thinks he’s sexy because he’s got that fancy French accent. He wouldn’t sound so great if I cut off his—

Grant, really!

Whatever, Danica. He annoys the hell out of me even if he is one of Isola’s best friends. I mean, who’s friends with a sex demon anyway. Honestly! All I know is that he’d better keep his fingers off my woman or he’ll find out what the Minotaur Rage is all about.

I really didn’t mean to get off the subject, but Isola’s mine. She doesn’t like it much. Okay, she doesn’t like that at all. She’s fighting pretty hard against it, but I just know I can charm her over to my way of thinking. We’re made for each other. Every time she touches me, I swear my nose rings burns. And those leather pants she wears…holy horse, is she fine. I think I might be in love.

Is it supposed to feel like you’ve been punched in the stomach and then had your intestines ripped out? Maybe you guys can tell me since I’m new to this “love” thing. And look, let’s not tell Isola about this, okay? She gets kind of antsy when I tell her she’s my mate.

Um…thanks, Grant. Well y’all? Are you going to help a clueless minotaur out? What’s it like being in love? What kind of advice could you give Grant on how to tame a wild Amazon like Isola Malone? And to give y’all an idea of what she’s up against, here’s a picture of a man who kind of looks like Grant:

I do not look like friggin’ Brad Pitt!

Um, of course not, Grant. You’re much better looking. It’s just a…reference for our readers. Your hair is much thicker and not as long, your eyes are bluer, and your face more chiseled.

*grunt* I’m also taller, have bigger muscles…all over *wink*


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Fantasy Man Friday

Yay for the end of another week! Hopefully this weekend will be less traumatic than the last two were. I’m ever hopeful.

I’m excited to announce that next week I’m having a week of guest blogs. How awesome is that?? Only one of the blogs is by a real person though. Kristin Miller, author of Intervamption, will be stopping by on Tuesday. I met Kristin in NYC at our agency cocktail party and thought she was awesome. I hope you’ll stop by to visit with her and ask her about the guy who does her pedicures! (It’s a great story, I swear!)

The rest of the week, I’m allowing the characters in my latest release, Ain’t No Bull, full reign. I know, I know. I have to be out of my mind to let them take over the blog, but I think you’ll enjoy it and it’ll give me a little bit of a break. On Monday, Grant Strickland, minotaur, security expert, and hero will be by talking about something or other. I wasn’t going to allow his mother time on the blog, but she’s the most insistent cow-swan it’s ever been my displeasure to meet. Then on Thursday, we’ll have Fallon Plaisance, Cajun incubus and one of Izzy’s best friends over. Izzy insisted on having Fantasy Man Friday and let me tell you, that Amazon likes to have her way.

They’re help prepare y’all for the seven-day blog tour I have coming up at the end of August and beginning of September, so be sure to stop by and learn more about these crazy wonderful characters and the awesome Kristin Miller.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The Fantasy Man. Last week’s man was…wow, those shorts…that’s really all I can say. How could I possibly do better? I probably can’t, but this little morsel is muy caliente!

That’s a come-and-get-me pose if there ever was one. Those abs!! Those jeans that really need to be unzipped…with my teeth, rar! *fans herself* Oooh yes.

Sorry! Sorry about that. *cough*

Happy Friday and have a safe weekend everyone! And no, you can’t have him, he’s mine! Alll mine! Bwahahaha!


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Six Sentence Sunday

This is my first foray into the six sentence Sunday crowd. Today’s selection is from my newest release, Ain’t No Bull (The Veil 4).

This scene is when the hero, Grant, sees Izzy for the first time. Poor minotaur, he doesn’t know what he’s in for!

Grant watched the Amazon walk away and nearly swallowed his
tongue. She had no idea she was being observed by a shifter, so there
was no reason for her to walk like that. His heart thudded in his chest.
If he had to put music to that walk, it would go something like, boomchicka-
boom-chicka-boom. Her hips rolled and her round ass twitched
with every step. Without conscious thought, he shifted back to his
human shape.

Ain’t No Bull out now!


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Cajun French: Cousin

I know, you’re probably all like “She’s going to teach us how to say something we already know?” Nope. I promise, there’s a different way to say this word, but before we get to that, I have a few announcements to make.

First off, I’d like to announce the winner of Michele Zurlo’s giveaway. Wyndwhisper! You’re the lucky winner of the Daughters of Circe trilogy! E-mail me at danica(dot)avet(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll hook you up with Michele. Congrats!!

Secondly, the giveaway is still open for the 4th book in my Veil series, Ain’t No Bull. Just leave a comment here telling me if  you like the remake Marilyn Manson made, or tell me about your big dream and you’ll be entered to win! The winner will be announced tomorrow on Fantasy Man Friday.

And last, but not least, today is my first day blogging with the gee/k/ink crew. I’m kind of nervous because um, they’re like uber cool. It’s like being invited to sit at the popular kids’ table back in high school…which um, never happened, so you can imagine my trepidation! I think I played it cool though, so if you’re feeling nice and all, stop by to say “hi”!

Now we can get to today’s lesson. Phew. Y’all still here? Okay then!

Jillian Chantal had asked me how two Cajun men would address each other a few months ago and I had to ponder on this a bit. Most of the time, I hear “pahdnah” (partner) or “brah” (I’m sure y’all know this one). However, it didn’t feel right. Then I happened to overhear an older Cajun man speaking to someone on the phone. The minute I heard him say it, I knew it was the right word.

Cousin (pronounced koo-zahn soft n) is a term of address for male friends or male…well, cousins, LOL. Cousine (pronounced koo-zene) is the feminine form of the word. I’ve never heard cousine, but cousin I certainly have.

If you’re writing male Cajuns who interact with each other, you do not want to have them call each other cher (sha). I mentioned this before.

Cajun men are laid back and affectionate at times, but they’re very macho. They have this sense of arrogance that I can barely begin to explain. If you watch Swamp People, you’ll probably notice that all of the men tend to think no one can do the job as good as they can and they’re very vocal about it. No one can cook as well as they do. No one can hunt as well as they do. (You get the idea) That’s the typical mindset here. Most are naturally macho, so to have one Cajun man call another cher is like calling another man “love” or “sweetheart”. It just doesn’t work unless they’re in a very intimate relationship.

So back to cousin. It’s a casual term, thrown out in a greeting to form a quick bond. Like calling someone cuz. Example:

Hey, cousin! Comment ca va?” (translation: Hey, cuz, how are you?)

In addressing a female, you would use cousine instead.

So, do you think this is something you can use in your writing or everyday life? And I told you it wasn’t pronounced the same! Tsk.

*If you have any questions about Cajun French, or culture, feel free to e-mail me at the address noted above.*


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Remaking The Eurythmics

Happy release day to me…Happy release day to me…Happy release day to meeeeeeee, Happy release day to me! Y’all are totally singing along, aren’t you? Sorry for the earworm.

But in case you didn’t realize, today is release day for my fourth Veil book, Ain’t No Bull. Yay! For those of you who have been following this blog for a while,  you’ll recognize this story as the Amazon and Minotaur romance. Yes, I know. Minotaurs? Seriously?  You bet! My hero is a minotaur. He’s half-man, half-bull. Sometimes. Other times, he’s a bull. And still other times, he’ s smexy blond with a naughty smile. *le sigh*

Anyway, this isn’t all about my book. Today is also a continuation of the summer remake series. Going along with the topic of writing and release days, I picked today’s remake because writing is a dream for me. I always aspired to it, but never thought it would go anywhere. Imagine my surprise when it did and it seems that some people actually like the stuff I’ve written. *blinks* I know. Weird, huh?

So today’s remake is “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)”. Originally performed by the Eurythmics in the early 80s, this song got a remake in the 90s by a highly unlikely band. Yup, I’m sure you all know who I’m talking about. Marilyn Manson remade this song, making it darker, edgier, and altogether more disturbing than it originally was. It’s kind of interesting how Marilyn Manson has remade so many 80s hits. Were you aware that they’ve remade “Tainted Love” and “Personal Jesus”? I guess good ole Marilyn is a big fan of the 80s, but then again, who isn’t when it comes to the music?

Since today is my release day, I’ll be giving away a PDF copy of my newest book, Ain’t No Bull, to a lucky commenter. You can answer one of two questions: What do you think of the remake? Or what’s your dream?

The original:

The remake:


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Fantasy Man Friday

I have a very special guest on Monday, so y’all need to stop by. Michele Zurlo, author of the Daughters of Circe books, will be stopping by for a guest appearance. She’ll be giving away e-books of her trilogy, so be sure to comment for a chance to win!

Also, my 4th Veil book is being released on Wednesday next week and I’ll be giving away an e-copy of Ain’t No Bull. It’s going to be a week of giveaways and much hotness, so prepare yourself!

The good thing about this week, is that it’s over. Yup. It’s finally Friday and it’s time for another gorgeous Fantasy Man. There are some things in the work for a very special Fantasy Man Friday, but until I know for certain, I’m keeping it a secret for now.

So, there’s nothing to do for the next eight months when I start gearing up for the first FF&P Conference in New Orleans, the Silken Sands Conference in Pensacola, and RT in Chicago next year. Oh yes, I have to plan these things a year in advance. So if you’re attending any of those three conferences, hit me up and we’ll chat!

Now for the best part of my Friday posts…the Fantasy Man. Rar. I was thinking I needed a man wearing his underwear and that’s all…then I remembered I had this little hottie on my hard drive.

I could totally go home today and have this taking up space on my sofa and be happy about it. You know what I mean? In fact, I might have to hire a guy like this to do just that. Of course, he’d have to take out the trash, cut the grass, watch the dog, clean litter boxes, check my oil, and be prepared to keep my bed warm, but I don’t think he’d mind too much. What do you think?

Happy Friday y’all! Have a safe and fun weekend!


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Cover Love

So I just got the cover for my 4th Veil book, Ain’t No Bull and I couldn’t help but put up a quick post o’ love about it.

This is my minotaur and Amazon book. I know, neither of them look like what they are, but that’s the whole point! Ain’t No Bull begins as a case of mistaken identity and just goes crazy after that. Grant, my hero, is a minotaur who can change from human to bull to a half-man, half-bull. Isola “Izzy” is an Amazon who um…well, she’s sexy, playful, and kick ass. This book is smokin’ hot and I’m not just talking about the cover *cough*

I love this cover so much, I almost posted a clip from MTV’s The State. Do you remember that show? I was going to use a Barry and Levon and $240 worth of pudding clip to show the love, but the quality was kind of poor. So instead, I’m just going to say, “Awwwwwwww, yeah.”


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