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2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 63,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Isn’t that cool? I had more views than Jay-Z did at a single concert! Okay, that doesn’t sound as impressive as I thought it would.

2012 was a good and bad year in many ways. In February, my agent and I parted ways after having difficulties selling Immortal Love. She did her absolute best, but New York wasn’t looking for sassy half-immortals.

From February to June, I went on a book writing binge, submitting Immortal Love to Evernight Publishing as well as a short story for their Keyboards and Kink Anthology. I sold You Bet Your Banshee to Siren and got bumped up to a hotter book level because of my stripping banshee. I wrote Primal Song in February, attended the Silken Sands Conference in March, got a request for work from Grace Bradley with Ellora’s Cave and had a sign contract by June.

Thus began my strange induction into the wild, erotic world of Ellora’s Cave. After Primal Song came out in August (amidst several trips to the hospital because of kidney stones for me), Primal Design came out in September and football season really kicked off. I’ve figured out (after three years of being a “serious” writer) that I can’t write during football season. I’m too engrossed in the games to pay attention. So I have to write a lot during the off-season.

I attended RomantiCon in October and had more fun than I ever have at any conference, no offense to anyone or their wonderful conferences. But there were half-naked cover models at this conferences and half-naked, muscular men trump everything else except for completely naked, muscular men. Just sayin’.

It was at this conference that I met some very interesting people. I went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame with Christine d’Abo, met Frances Stockton, Cara McKenna, J.K. Coi, had my hand on Caveman Nick’s rock hard ass, hooked my fingers in Caveman Georgio’s pants, got spanked by Caveman Georgio and spent several days cleaning up drool.

This is also where I met Lea Barrymire, A.M. Griffin, Cara Carnes, Piper Trace, Sasha Devlin, Cassandra Carr, Sky Robinson and Cristal Ryder. We spent a lot of time together, laughing (in my case dancing until I hurt), talking about spoofing erotic romance and later, we’d start the Cabal of Hotness. By the way, we’re kicking off our formal introduction to the world today. You should stop by to find out what you can about us before we take everything over starting January 2. Hint, we’re holding a giveaway in January.

I’ve met a lot of people in my writing career, some of them soul mates from the moment I speak with them, some of them frightened me (I’m not going to talk about her but she held me captive at my very first conference telling me about her soon-to-be-written eight book series), but for the most part, the people I’ve met in 2012 have helped push me to push my limits.

Sure, I’ve discovered I have a very dirty mouth. Orbitz would love me. But I’m okay with that. I enjoy what I write. I enjoy the person I’ve grown into. 2012 saw me becoming more confident in myself as a woman, as a writer and as a human being. I’m not quite as intense that I’ll start carrying a razor blade in my cheek to “cut a bitch”, but I’m not far from being Honey Badger bad ass either.

So here’s hoping 2013 will bring even more changes. And more sales for everyone. And more happiness in this world because God knows we need it.

Now, be careful out there, my pretties and Happy New Year!


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Squeeful News

The first blog post of the new year has me nearly bouncing in my chair like an unrestrained child. What could make me so happy? What could possibly be exciting enough that I have to share it with you all?

Well, let me tell you. I got THE CALL. Well, actually it was an e-mail at first asking if I would be receptive of THE CALL. Last Monday, I started my day just like any other. I saw an e-mail from an agent I had queried in October. She requested the full on December 21. This is all on top of my three books being accepted by Siren, mind you. I was excited to send my full manuscript off, but wary. I didn’t want a repeat of the disappointment from this summer in what I’m calling the Agent Fiasco.

Last Monday, I saw that e-mail in my inbox and though, “Le sigh, it’s another rejection. My Olympus book is just too gritty and raw for anyone. Oh, well. I suppose I should read it and redirect it to the very full Agent Rejections file.”

I opened the e-mail and blinked. It wasn’t a rejection. My heart sped up. It was a very lovely e-mail from Nalini Akolekar with Spencerhill Associates, Ltd. asking if I would like to speak to her about the possibility of representation. What? Seriously, WHAT?! I jumped up from my desk and sprinted for the bathroom. I was at work when I got the e-mail and since I’m trying to keep my writing on the down low, I didn’t want everyone to see me giggling and crying and acting like a crazy woman.

I locked myself in the bathroom and called my mom. She didn’t answer on the first million rings and I was jumping up and down with tears in my eyes. I had to tell SOMEONE! Then I realized I’d dialed the wrong bloody number! I pressed the right number this time and got her on the phone. My voice was shaking and all she could say was, “Oh, my God! Oh, baby, I’m so happy for you! Are you going to take it? Oh, my God!”

Once I had the initial excitement out of my system, I e-mailed Nalini back and told her, yes (with an inward SQUEE) that I would love to talk to her. She called me Monday night and it was wonderful. We clicked! We had the same ideas for this book, where it we should submit it, where we’d like to see it, and she said things that I felt were exactly what I wanted my agent to say. She wasn’t gushing, she was realistic and down-to-earth about the publishing industry and I needed that. So when we closed the conversation, she asked if I thought we could work together. I might’ve thrown my fist in the air (I can’t really remember), but I very calmly said “Yes”.

Then I danced through the house, laughing and cheering. It was such a marvelous feeling! And I’ll tell you now, it nearly killed me not to tell y’all immediately. Blame the Agent Fiasco for my secretiveness, but I wanted to be sure everything was official. The contract is signed, the first revisions have been sent to her, and it’s all real. I’m represented by Nalini Akolekar of Spencerhill Associates, Ltd.!!

She doesn’t seem to mind my weird, offbeat humor. Nalini is a wonderful lady and I can’t wait to start working with her. Well, I suppose we already started working together since I sent off revisions already, but you know what I mean. She pointed out things I myself thought needed addressing in my manuscript, which tells me that we’re definitely on the same page in regards to my work. Here’s to a fabulous working relationship!

2010 was…well, it was beyond wonderful for me and I hope and pray 2011 is even better. I feel so relieved to finally tell y’all about it. This writing business is hectic and heartbreaking, but there are moments of sheer jubilation that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Not a bad way to start 2011, is it? *squee!!!*


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That’s No Speedbump…

It’s a speed mountain!

Now that all the wedding stuff and feel good stuff is over, I can get back to my normal programming. Of course, this means that I’m going to bitch whine discuss writing and it’s pitfalls.

Last month, as some of you may know, I submitted my manuscript Succubus-in-Waiting to several agents. Within three hours of submitting, one of the agents contacted me and wanted the full. I sent it to her three days later and four days after that she wanted to represent me. I was over. The. Moon. Some little adjustments, a few more submissions to her, and we had a verbal agreement. I e-mailed all the other agents I’d queried and told them I was accepting representation elsewhere. Which, from what I understand, is the correct and polite thing to do so they don’t waste time on my stuff.

She sent queries out to ten editors. Six wanted the full and she was waiting to hear from the others. Hello? I wasn’t over the moon anymore, I was in the next galaxy. A month rolled by and I started freaking out. What if she hated it? What if she changed her mind? What if she didn’t know how to tell me no one wanted it? I e-mailed her twice with changes, but didn’t hear back from her. I prayed.

Yesterday I heard back from her, but it wasn’t news I was glad to get. She was no longer with the agency. She apologized, gave me a name of another agent with the same organization if I wanted to stay with them. She gave me a list of the editors she’d sent queries and manuscripts out to and wished me luck. I was stunned. I think I stared at the computer screen reading the e-mail three or four times. How could this be? What do I do now? I was in flat out shock.

I remained in shock the rest of the day, my stomach churning and nausea rising. I just couldn’t believe it. I’d stupidly pinned all my hopes on this verbal agreement and had nothing to show for it. I’d missed out on setting up agent/editor appointments at Nationals and working on a pitch because…I had an agent already. Duh. Now I’m in limbo.

When I went home and broke the news to my mother, she was livid. Naturally, her first instinct is to protect me (cause I’m sweet and adorable). Her upset actually helped me think things through. Is there anything better than someone you love defending you to the bitter end, even if they’re spouting conspiracy theories? No, not really. But she made me realize that this isn’t the end. My work is with six editors. SIX editors with big publishing houses. This is a good thing. It would be even better if someone wanted it. I keep a constant prayer in my head rotating hourly and sometimes more frequently than that.

I’m in wait and see mode right now. I need to see if the new agent is going to pick me up or not and if she isn’t, I have to start the whole querying process again. This is fine. I’m not crying my eyes out over this mess, not thinking it’s the end of the world because it isn’t. Sure, it isn’t quite a speed bump, but maybe this was meant to happen so I could truly appreciate my agent when I get him/her. Maybe this is a lesson for me to learn so I can understand that writing is a gift, not a right.


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