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A Perfect Blue

Yup, it’s another What’s Playing Wednesday and this week I get to share one of my favorite musicians with y’all as well as keep with January’s blue theme.

I’ve been a fan of Maynard James Keenan for damn near twenty years. From the first moment I heard “Sober”, I was hooked. I listened to Undertow my entire senior year, bought Opiate, H., Aenema, Lateralus, and 10,000 Days without ever hearing a song from the albums. When he came out with a side project called A Perfect Circle, I knew I’d adore it. Yes, I bought all of those albums, too.

Then Thirteen Step came out and I was in love. Each song is perfection (in my mind). I have so many favorites from that album, it’d be impossible for me to pick just one, but today’s song just so happens to be from Thirteenth Step. Every time I hear “Blue” I pick up somethinig new from the song, whether it’s lyrical, instrumental, or sybmolical.

It’s also a great song for inspiring dark scenes. Hint, hint, it might be part of the writing workshop I’m giving in March in New Orleans.

So I hope you enjoy “Blue”. I couldn’t find a video I liked of this song, so went with an album cover (which is still pretty cool). Just sit back, close your eyes, and listen.

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