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Ghost Lab and Ghost Stories

Back again, folks and I’m feeling better. Just a little sinus infection combo cold thing (at least that’s sort of what the doc said. I never really pay attention cause he has pretty eyes).

Anyway, last night I commenced to watch Dirty Jobs. I love Mike Rowe. He’s got such a great sense of humor and hello! that voice! So I watched Dirty Jobs and after it was over, picked up Alyssa Day’s ‘Atlantis Rising’ to re-read it when I saw this show called Ghost Lab. Now what I found really interesting, was they were at the Haunted Mortuary in New Orleans. This is a place I’ve heard of over the last couple of years, but haven’t visited yet.

I’m the kind of person who really does believe in the paranormal in terms of spirits, ghosts, etc. and as much as I’d love to go to the Haunted Mortuary, or House of Shock, or 13th Gate, I haven’t done so. I need to remedy this. Except part of me thinks, ‘Girl are you out of your ever-lovin’ mind?!’ Yeah. But that isn’t the point!

This Ghost Lab goes around all over the US to prove/debunk paranormal activity in some of the country’s most haunted houses/places. I’m thinking…this is pretty cool. I’ve got to see the next episode. Which was Tombstone. People…watching some of the things that went on in those buildings and the graveyard of Tombstone gave me the creeps. I’m talking at one point, I had actual tears in my eyes. It might’ve been me staring at the screen so hard, but I think it was a hint of fear. Ahem. But you know what really creeps me out? The EVPs. I think this is called electronic voice phenomena and it’s downright freaky.

I’ve heard…gah, so many stories growing up. My mom talks about a house she lived in that was once a plantation home in town but was converted into apartments and how one Christmas Eve, it sounded like a party was going on when no one was in the house. My aunt’s current home has some weird crap going on in it like shadows moving, banging on the walls, doors shuddering and trying to open. In my current home, for a while after my stepfather died, my brother’s stereo would turn itself off and on. I’m talking go from complete no power to on and playing a song, then shutting itself off after a couple of minutes. I always thought it was a clock alarm, but no. It was a little crappy radio that you had to manually push a switch to turn on. Then there’s the feeling you get walking down the hall, like something’s waiting for you. Yeah. Is it any wonder I freak?

So how about you guys? Do ya’ll have ghost stories to share? Do you even believe in ghosts? Have you seen Ghost Lab?

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Scary Movies

Saturday I went to Baton Rouge with my nephew to see the latest scary movie phenomenon, Paranormal Activity. Let me just start off by saying if you have motion sickness or tend to get ill while watching cameras swing rapidly, don’t watch this movie. I spent about 1/4 of the movie staring at the ceiling so I wouldn’t be sick. The important parts were still, but it didn’t help me get in the ‘mood’ of the movie.

Right, so it wasn’t scary in the sense that people screamed or jumped a lot. To be honest, it was just really creepy. Maybe it’s my Catholic upbringing (but more than likely it was all the ghost/demon stories my mom told us as kids) but nothing is scarier to me than having no control over myself. Movies where regular people become possessed and do awful things tend to really freak me out.

That’s what this movie was about. There were a lot of moments when I though ‘Holy crap, don’t go in there!’ and of course they always do. It wasn’t what I expected, that’s for sure. I’m not saying it was bad, just not as scary as I thought it would be. If what you’re looking for is a good scream fest, I wouldn’t recommend it.

So this got me to thinking, what movies scared you the most? For me, it was mostly the older movies like The Exorcist, The Omen, Halloween, and a new movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Do you sense a common theme? Oh sure, I jump for monster movies, I’ll scream when something unexpected happens, but those are easily overcome. The movies I listed are the ones that stick with me.

What about you? What movies really get your goat? The gore fests like the Saw series? The teen horror movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street? What’s scary to you?

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Hell Hath No Fury…like Furries? Vamps vs. Weres

Well, it sounded good when I thought it up. It has absolutely nothing to do with this blog, by the way. Well, maybe in a way.

I remember taking a quiz several years ago when I first began reading the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter books. The quiz was something along the lines of are you a vampire, shapeshifter, or something else (I can’t remember now). I came up shapeshifter. I had to give this some thought. Is it better to be a shapeshifter/weretype person than the always cool (pun intended) undead? Let’s think about this in terms of pros and cons:

According to well-known vampire lore, vampires are susceptible to crosses, silver, holy water, sunlight, garlic, stakes through the heart (but what being ISN’T susceptible to this?), can’t enter where they aren’t invited, have a very strict diet of blood (hello! I hate to diet!), and I’m sure there’s another one I’m missing.

Now, look at shapeshifters (werefolk as I like to call them because I don’t think they should JUST be wolves). Werefolk change during a full moon, have to dodge silver bullets, might have to shave more than the average human, don’t have a restrictive diet, and that’s about it unless there’s some lore I’m not aware of.

That’s it! I mean c’mon…okay, okay I didn’t mention the pros:

Vampires are so popular everyone and their mama is running around with fangs and goblets. (This could also be labeled as a con if you’re nonconformist…which is really funny if you think about it since they want to be vampires because they’re nonconformist…I’m shutting up.) They live forever unless they get a tan, a stake through the heart, shot with silver, eat some garlic, or get doused in holy water. They always have the coolest names. They’re considered schexy (just like Sean Connery cause the older they get, the better) and they generally have servants willing to do anything for them.

Werefolk aren’t as popular unless you’re talking about werewolves. They can live a somewhat normal life as they aren’t always furry. They have the strength and abilities of their animal half (which is really cool cause I always wanted to be a cat…preferably a tiger or jaguar. Thundercats was the best cartoon of my childhood.) They don’t live forever as far as I know, but they live longer than humans do. They have a certain (yes, I’m going to say it) animal magnetism, muhuahaha. They can come in any form: wolf, tiger, lion, dragon, etc. They aren’t restricted by diet or time of day.

To me, werefolk have it hands down. Don’t get me wrong I think vampires are cool, otherwise I wouldn’t like writing about them, but weres just come in more shapes and sizes which means they’re almost an equal opportunity supernatural group.

What do you think? Which would you rather be? Keep in mind that I’ll probably blog about witches and demons and angels and others at a later date.


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