Stuffy Heads and Dark Days

That’s not all doom and gloom by the way. I just have a bit of an allergy or sinus thing going on. I don’t know which and frankly, I don’t care because it means I can’t breathe properly, I sneeze at the wrong time and I cough as though I’m trying to expel a lung. The dark day is just a little hint of the crappy weather we’re dealing with here in south Louisiana. Meh.

But it’s not all bad. If things go as planned, Sweetest Taste of Sin will release next week. Things are moving on Touched by Lightning and I’m almost ready to start work on the fourth Cajun Heat book, tentatively named Primal Dance. Of course that means I have other characters crowding my head wanting their book written next, but whatever. They’ll just have to wait their turns. However, it does look as though 2014 is going to be a busy year for me in terms of writing. I’m not doing many conferences next year, just RomantiCon, but that’s such an epic conference, it makes up for anything else I might miss.

That’s next year though. I’m hoping I can use the month of December to find my zone and prepare for the onslaught. In other words, I might be lazy this month. Heh. Y’all know I like my lazy moments. Well, lazy in terms of writing. Real life is going to be busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.

Which brings me to today’s song. I heard it this morning and it’s one of those songs that both pumps me up. I have Motley Crue with “Kickstart My Heart”. I’m really not a big fan of the stuff they did in their later years, but this is a good song and a perfect way to kick off a dreary day.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

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