Post 1,000 Woo-Hoo

Here it is! The 1000th post on my blog.

Seems like it should be more impressive than that, doesn’t it? Hm. Well, I can’t exactly give y’all fireworks and mostly naked men dancing around, but I do have a giveaway scheduled.

First though, let me just say that it’s been a wild ride. Blogging isn’t all that easy when you’ve been doing it a while because you don’t want to start regurgitating posts. Which I think I’ve done a few times. I’ve blogged about writing, getting through the rejection process, getting an agent and losing an agent. I’ve blogged about sexy men. Lots and lots of sexy men. I’ve even interviewed several of them. By the way those were some of my most visited posts. I also blogged about life in south Louisiana, shared some Cajun French with y’all. That’s the set of second most viewed posts. Yup, seems everyone is curious about how to pronounce things or what have you.

Secondly, I have the best friends ever. The writing community is amazing. Simply amazing. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people on my road to publication, through the rocky pass of being a published writer and everything in between. If you ever embark on this same wild ride, be sure to surround yourself with people who will tell you like it is, but do it with their shoulder and a bottle of booze handy, who won’t run you down to make themselves feel better, and who’ll understand what you mean when you start talking about the voices in your head talking to you while you’re taking a shower and not think you’re insane.

So saying all that…here’s the giveaway. I have several of these awesome people offering up prizes. Be sure to enter and tell your friends.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

And because it’s What’s Playing Wednesday…I just gotta share this song with y’all. Because it says everything. Let’s get this party started!


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8 responses to “Post 1,000 Woo-Hoo

  1. 1,000! I am duly impressed.Good for you,Danica!I Hope all is going well.

  2. Congrats on 1,000 posts! What I’m thankful for is my friends and family. The last couple weeks have been stressful and they’ve been right there with me.

  3. merumei

    CONGRATS ON 1,000 POSTS! I have to say what I am most thankful for is my friends. They’ve been there for me through thick and thin. ❤

  4. KAK

    I remember the early days of the Cajun French posts. Learnt me sumpin’ new too!

    Congrats on 1,000 posts and on how far you’ve come since that very first one.

  5. Kimberly

    i’m thankful that my family and I made it to this point of the year.

  6. Julianne

    Congrats on your 1.000 post. *tossing confetti, opening champagne*
    I’m thankful for all my family. With the past week my family’s had, family is all we have to comfort each other and to be there for each other. Things can change instantly, so be all you can be every day.

  7. I am thankful that my family is together, I can still walk and for all the love

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