James Magnussen Kicks Off the Weekend

It’s time for the weekend. Oh yeah! I totally said that like Macho Man Randy Savage. That’s how ready I am for the weekend. Fridays are the best, aren’t they? And what makes this Friday even better? I have a sexy man to share with y’all.

James 1

Before I get to the meat of this post (no pun intended), just a reminder that if you haven’t entered the Six-Pack Stud-a-Thon giveaway, you still have time to do so. There are lots of prizes to win as well as some right here on this blog! I hope y’all have had fun checking out all the handsome men provided by the hop. I know I have!

James 2

And I actually have one of those men here today. I asked James Magnussen what song gets him in the mood for the weekend. This is what he had to say:

Oh well it’s definitely gonna be “Elements” by Lindsey Sterling. She is such a sexy little firecracker and an incredible violinist can’t help but be drawn into her beautiful melodies and sexy movements. Really gets my blood red hot.

Sexy or what? Oh and if you want to follow James, you can find him on Facebook here or on Instagram (james_d_magnussen).

James 4

And one more because who can resist?

James 3


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3 responses to “James Magnussen Kicks Off the Weekend

  1. Julianne

    Yummy, I could eat him up!

  2. Jamallah Bergman

    Got the chance to meet James in person this year at Arizona Dreamin’. He’s such an amazing guy and too funny for words really, he had me in stitches the entire time I was around.

    Oh yeah….and for the record…I did get the chance to not only grab his “biscuits” once….but three times,lol, and if you must know “biscuits” equals butt…..and what a nice one it is too 😉

  3. love the music video enchantment for the ears while the eyes are otherwise occupied 😀

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