Not Quite Radioactive

Last week I shared one of the annoying songs I had to listen to this summer. I make it sound a lot worse than it was. My cousin’s daughter actually kept me highly entertained. I know, how wrong is it that I found an 11 year old hysterically funny? Well she is. She’s a cool kid and I loved spending time with her.

Of course now she thinks I’m going to be spending next summer with her as well. I had to explain that I was only home because of my shoulder and unless I win the lottery, I’ll be slaving away at work at all times. I miss those days, don’t you? The ones where you thought adults got to have all the fun and take time off when they wanted to. There’s nothing quite like graduating from high school to turn that reality light on again.

But that isn’t what I’m talking about today. Honestly. We’re talking about the music I’ll forever associate with a blonde haired, blue-eyed, freckled angel-demon type child. And that’s this song. Which is actually a pretty kick ass song. I really do like it. And so did my cousin’s daughter. Every time it would play on Nickelodeon (in case you haven’t watched it in a while, they play short snippets of popular songs between commercials) Megan would sing along and tell me “I really like this song, but I don’t get the video. What are they doing with the stuffed animals?”

I tried to explain it…in my own way, but even I was a bit doubtful I was able to describe the symbolism correctly. Even though I have a minor in English, I never was any good at all that hidden meaning stuff.

Anyway, what do y’all think? Have you heard this song before? Do you like it? What about the video? Any deep, hidden meanings you took from it?


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7 responses to “Not Quite Radioactive

  1. I’ve had two radiation treatments since this song came out. It helped me get through the day with a lot of humor. I’d smile and tell everyone it was my theme song. During one of my radiology appointments it was playing in the waiting room. I’m sitting in the corner with my hubby bobbing my head. He grinned at me, but shook his head like he couldn’t believe I was dancing to it. I stuck my hands in the air and shouted, “It’s our theme song.” I don’t think the little old ladies appreciated it very much, but sometimes you just have to laugh at the irony in life. :O)

  2. Have you watched Pentatonix version of Radioactive? I love that version! Check it out on youtube. My husband prefers the video that has scenes from the Halo video game over the original video. Either way, I really like this song.

  3. I’m doing the music for the Wild Wicked Weekend this Feb – this was one of the first songs on the list!

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