I might have mentioned before (okay, a million times) that i generally have a theme song when I’m writing. Not me, my characters do.

For the first time in…well, at least 2 years, I’m working on something dark and moody. Very angsty. And I’m liking it. My heroine has been so damaged. Oh, she breaks my heart every single time I think about what she’s been through. And she’s been in that place where you have no more hope. That’s where I picked up her story.

My plan is simple though. I’m going to give her hope and a happy ending. She’ll never be able to forget what was done to her, or how she got to this point, but sometimes forgetting isn’t the answer. Sometimes we have to look at the scars our bodies and psyches have accumulated and realize they’ve made us stronger.

And that’s why Papa Roach’s Scars is Gyda’s theme song. I can’t wait to write her happy ever after.


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2 responses to “Scars

  1. Good choice! Enjoy the journey with your heroine- if enjoy is the right word.

  2. Sometimes they pull you in deeper with their own story than you expected.I hope you help her, Danica!

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