One More Lie

It’s time for another What’s Playing Wednesday.

This week I’m trying my best to finish a project that’s taken me a lot longer to write than I’d like. Normally (which sounds weird since I’m not a plotter), when I start a story, I can finish it in a month, maybe two at the very most if I have to stop for some reason. But sometimes, like now, my story stalls. The characters refuse to speak to me. In this case, they refused to speak to me for six months. Yes, you heard me. SIX MONTHS!

With the end of March approaching and the end in “sight”, I’m not letting them boss me around anymore. This story is going to end. It’s going down, Jack! This determination means all the lovely books I bought on Tuesday will have to go unread until I write “The End”. Yes, I’m putting aside my burning desire to read books I’ve waited to get my grubby hands on for months and months and if anyone tells me what happens, I’ll cut a bitch!

Which brings me back to today’s song. I’m hoping, with all of my being, that I can fulfill this promise to myself. March 31 is my deadline. 15k-20k words by midnight on Sunday to finish my book. I can do it. I can push the pretty, awesome, readable books to the side until I’ve climbed this mountain. Right?

I just hope I’m not lying to myself. Like I do nearly every weekend. “I’m going to write all day Saturday.” I end up running around town with my sister. “I’m going to write on Sunday.” I end up visiting with family, napping or watching House Hunters for hours on end. This time though, I’m serious. I’m writing on Friday. I’m writing on Saturday. And I won’t make a liar out of myself.


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2 responses to “One More Lie

  1. Here’s hoping you don’t need to cut a bitch! You can do this.

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