Women Rock

Just in case y’all think I’m entirely anti-female front singers, I’m not. I’ve seen several bands in concert with great female leads and for them, it’s about the music. Throwing tattoo and dark makeup on a woman who can scream doesn’t a good lead make. She has to make you forget about the fact that she looks cute. Because lets face it. Most of the time the lead singers are going to look good in a short skirt. I actually kind of like the same qualities in my male lead singers, but if it’s okay for guys to be biased, I can too.

Anyway, there are a few bands who severely rock and they just so happen to have a female lead singers. Notice I say “They just so happen” because that’s how it should be. It shouldn’t be about what equipment the singer is sporting, but the music they provide. One of my absolute favorites is Straight Line Stitch. I did a workshop at the FF&P Conference, Fantasy on the Bayou in 2012 about music and this is one of the songs I picked because it has power. I mean, I feel this song.

Then there’s the all woman band, Kitty. I remember when this song came out, I was like…there’s no way those are all girls! I saw the video and had to revise that statement. Yes, girls can growl and play every part in a band and still be cool and cute. In a kick-your-ass kind of way.

And if you think I only like rock bands with female leads, I’m throwing this one at you. I like the vocals, I like the beat. I like that it’s a little different from what I normally listen to.


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2 responses to “Women Rock

  1. I agree; I didn’t mean to imply that I was against all, not at all! I just agreed that they seem to be using ‘affirmative action’ in fronting females, not taking into account whether they are truly good or add to the over-all sound.That was your point from my point of view, (right?)

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