DJ Anya in the House

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m a closet romantic. Actually, go ahead. No one who knows me will believe you anyway. I scoff at flowers (they should be growing on bushes, not shedding sad petals on my table), don’t fuss at my husband to buy me jewellery (mostly because the stuff I like costs damn-hell-WHOA money and, well, I’m cheap), and would rather eat a nice steak than bother dressing up to go to a fancy-schmancy restaurant.

Chocolate, however, is always welcome. Doesn’t have to come in a fancy box with a bow though. Sometimes any old Cadbury bar will do!

The upshot of it all is, I don’t make playlists for my books. I often write in silence or, if I want background music, I put on my reggae playlist because I know all the songs so well I can sing them and still think at the same time.

But sometimes, just sometimes, a book I’m writing will “adopt” a song, and those are almost invariably sappy. What the hell’s up with that? It’s never Born to be Wild or Bringing Sexy Back. It’s Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, or Who Wants to Live Forever by Queen. Love songs, for frak’s sake. The last book I wrote, which my editor has just accepted (YEAH!), insisted Rod Stewart’s Broken Arrow was its song…with a side order of The One by Elton John. Oy vey.

At this point I should probably post a video by RDX (a very…e-hem…suggestive Caribbean group) just to get my street-cred back. But I happen to love the book, tentatively titled Dragon’s Claim, which will be book three in my Unveiled Seductions series, and Elton just seems appropriate for the day before Valentine’s Day, here’s The One.

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3 responses to “DJ Anya in the House

  1. Thanks for having me, D! My dragon says next time you’re on the other side of the Veil, stop by the Midnight Cafe and he’ll give you a free tattoo! Tell them Herve sent you if he’s not there 🙂

  2. Julianne

    Very interesting post! Thanks Anya.

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