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Unleashing the Cabal

You knew it was bound to happen. One day you’d stop here and see insanity and chaos unleashed on the world.

Today is that day. With the upcoming releases of Fondled and Gobbled: Someone Had To Do It and Fondled and Gobbled: Going Back For Seconds on the horizon, we’ve scheduled stops all over the place. Seriously? For the next few weeks, we’re going to be some very busy, crazy ladies and today kicks off the start of the insanity.

I’m sure our hostess clutched her head and screamed when she saw what we sent her. But she did ask for us to be ourselves…so we were. In a chatroom in an undisclosed location…with no real moderator. If you happen to see Nikki in person, make sure she’s sane, okay?

But if you want to see what might have driven her over the edge, check out our very first interview as a group over at Ramblings from a Chaotic Mind…Come to think of it, we probably chose the perfect place to kick off the nearly three month long blog tour for the Fondled and Gobbled anthologies.

Also, don’t forget that we have our own blog. We’re introducing ourselves this morning and offering up a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Stop by to find out how to win. And as if that wasn’t enough, there are some blog hops coming up in February and March. Check out the sidebar for more information.

Got it? Good. I hope to have some sexy man pictures tomorrow, but we’ll have to see if they sit still long enough for me to get them. *cackle* ahem.

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DJ Sky In The House

Thanks to my girl Danica for letting me take over her blog today!

I have to have music on when I write. I’ll make playlists for certain books with songs that match the mood, and sometimes play a song over and over on repeat until I finish a scene. I don’t know if that makes me crazy or not, but whatever, it works.
One of my favorites to put on repeat is Moves Like Jagger, it’s a sexy song and and of course it doesn’t hurt that Adam Levine is so damn good looking he almost melts my screen.

So listen to a little Maroon Five and enjoy a snippet from my latest book, Caribbean Heat…if you can tear your eyes away from the video.

His face was inches from hers, eyes intent, studying. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think about anything other than how badly she wanted him. She wanted to know how good his lips pressed against hers could feel. If it was going to happen, this was a perfect place, no one could see, no one would know.

“Ummhmm.” Sierra swallowed hard and moved closer, inviting him, needing him, not knowing if he had any interest in her, but hoping like hell he did.

Jack answered that question quickly, closed the distance between them and pressed his lips against hers softly.
Sierra parted her lips, inviting him in, wanting him to taste her. He didn’t hesitate, his tongue teasing, tasting, twirling with hers. Heat pooled between her legs. Damn, the man could kiss.

It seemed so natural, so easy, kissing Jack like this.

Sierra let her own tongue explore the heat of his mouth, tangle with his, and the pulsing need between her legs amplified. God, she wanted this man.

Jack’s hands ran down the bare skin of Sierra’s back, pulling her closer. She wrapped a hand around his neck and ran her fingers through his hair and held on tightly as the lust coursed through her.

She’d heard women talk about kissing a man and it making their toes curl, but she hadn’t experienced it until this moment. It was like some kind of drug and she couldn’t get enough.

Jack pressed his lips to hers again and again and wetness rushed to her opening. She wanted him, needed his cock inside her so damn bad.

“Sierra.” The one word was growled as he pulled her on top of him. Her sex pressed against his hard-on and another surge of wetness dampened her cunt. She pulsed herself against him, searching for relief from the surging need but finding higher levels of torment instead. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think straight, couldn’t focus on anything but the pleasure his touch gave her.

His hand moved up to her breast, brushed along the sensitive skin, and a shiver of lust shot through her. He grasped her whole breast in one hand and pinched the nipple between two fingers. and a shock of lust shot through her.
Something flicked against her foot but Sierra ignored it. She wanted only to focus on the sensations Jack caused, but the annoying thing flicked against her foot again and she looked back.

Hol-y shit.

carribeanheat_msrBuy link:


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Private Mountain

I had a decent weekend. I didn’t get a lick of anything written. Sure, I did revise and add to what I already have on my WIP, but two hundred words did not impress me. I need to kick it into high gear and stop letting myself get distracted by messed up toes, curly-haired nephews, fat cats and studly men. And food.

Really. This is what has been distracting me lately.

I could have worked on my stuff last night, but after a day spent slow-cooking white beans (which kicked serious ass, y’all) and smothered cabbage, I was done. I watched a little football, except not a single team I wanted to win, won. It was disgusting so I gave up on that. I watched my youngest nephew on Saturday afternoon, trying to coax him into eating something and finally got him to chow on a banana. I went to my oldest nephew’s house on Sunday afternoon and did this whole jaw-dropping thing. It’s so nice. The kitchen is…well, I don’t really cook despite my recent spurt of domestic goddess-ness, but that kitchen could make me want to cook. *drool*

But that has nothing to do with the title of this blog post. Nothing at all.

When I got home from my nephew’s house, I took a pain killer and plopped on the sofa to watch Island Hunters. It seemed a natural progression for me to go from House Hunters and House Hunters International to people buying islands. I didn’t know you could just buy an island if you had the money for it. I watched these people wander around sandy beaches with tropical…things on the trees and realized these people aren’t buying islands just for privacy or in preparation for the zombiepocalypse. They’re buying it because when you can throw a million dollars down on your own island…well, that says something about you.

So I posted on Facebook that I was going to buy an island when I made my millions. I forgot the people who follow me are wonderfully creative people. It didn’t take much for someone to talk me into buying a mountain instead. In Costa Rica. I’m more than happy to buy it as long as burly, sexy mountain men are included. Someone in the Cabal recommended we cash in all the bail money we’ve been pooling together (in case one of us ends up in the tank) because we won’t need it there. Hello? We’d be our own law. I get to be sheriff. But I put my foot down. We’re not having a brothel. We won’t need it since it will be a Cabal only retreat. (and I don’t share very well)

The idea has merit. Maybe not owing mountain men, but a writing retreat sounds wonderful. It has to be a place where writer friends can get together and hash out plot points. I know myself and I wouldn’t write with people around me. I like to talk too much for that. However, hanging out with other writers, bouncing ideas off them, laughing and sobbing over the publishing industry sounds wonderful.

Maybe that’s something I can aim for in my dotage. A writers retreat deep in the swamps (because despite my dislike of beaches, I’m afraid of heights more). What do y’all think? What kind of writers retreat would you like?


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Candlelight Book Promotions

It’s a rainy, dreary day here in south Louisiana today. I’m hoping I can avoid going out in the rain (yeah, right).

But that isn’t what today’s blog is about.

A special friend of mine has opened a promotional company. Having worked the last couple of months with her, I know she’ll make Candlelight Book Promotions a premier virtual book touring company. How do I know? Because she has an amazing work ethic and a can-do attitude.

This is what she’s seeking.

Are you an author? Are you looking for a customizable blog tour that’s priced just right? Then you need to check Candlelight Book Promotions out as well. And they aren’t limiting themselves to only authors. If you have a need to promote your business or yourself and want to try a virtual tour, you definitely need to check out Candlelight Book Promotions.

If you’re not on this side of the publishing industry, but you’re an avid reader and blogger, check out the hosting team information!

Join the Hosting Team
I am seeking RELIABLE and EXPERIENCED book bloggers that enjoy reading and reviewing romantic fiction (any and all sub-genres). My hosting team must enjoy showcasing the authors who write romance on their blogs for book features, reviews, interviews, guest posts and giveaways. If you are an author but still can answer ‘yes’ to the above items, then I’m definitely looking for you as well.

If you are:

·         an avid reader of romance fiction (any sub-genre from erotic to YA);
·         an active RELIABLE book blogger;
·         able to access and read PDF and/or electronic files;
·         willing to read and review titles within the romance fiction genres/sub-genres and post said reviews on your site/blog and other sites, as needed;
·         willing and can commit to hosting authors of romance fiction on your blog for promo posts, guest posts, interviews and/or giveaways; and
·         interested in expanding both your library and your blog’s readership

Doesn’t that sound awesome? And it gets even better, since she’s offering a reward system. You’ll have to check out her site for more information.

I know I’ll be going to Candlelight Book Promotions for my virtual blog tours (when I have new books coming out…which means I need to get off my ass and write). I didn’t say that. But definitely check them out and see if they’re what you’re looking for!

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DJ Cara

First of all, I extend a huge thanks to Danica for letting me take over the DJ booth for today. I’ll try and not put her to sleep with my selection J

I’ve written for as long as I can remember. The worlds that I build for my paranormal works always drag me deep into them. I know, that might seem a bit crazy. But I’ve been called much worse.

Music is my tether. When I’m fully immersed within anything from the darkness, the depravity to the spiraling pleasure of a happily ever after ending, the conduit I use to channel those emotions and pull myself back to reality is music.

Although I’m in the process of writing quite a few paranormal works, I have yet to let one of them go. Perhaps it’s the fear of letting others foray into what I built. Perhaps it’s an unwillingness to part with the characters. Either way, quite a few of these works are in the final stages of completion and will be cast out this upcoming year.

One of these works is tentatively titled Relinquishing Destiny. Evanescense has been playing during quite a few of the scenes. The song My Immortal helps set the tone I wanted to convey in this work, where the hero has spent centuries in anguish over his failure to protect his true love.

Determined to avenge her death, he accepts his fate as an immortal warrior and fights the demons threatening humanity. Centuries later, Jayson now finds himself numbly existing until he’s called on to protect a woman who reminds him of the love he lost.   


Jayson lurked in the shadows even though the moon cast its pale light like an arrow, as if daring him to defy common sense and make his presence known. For once his nightly hunt wouldn’t end with a demon’s heart pumping its final breath within his hand. The quarry of the evening moved within the small garden atop her building with the ease of a fairy and the beauty of a goddess.

Fiery strands melded with sun-kissed cinnamon in a silent torture designed to awaken the few shards of humanity within his marrow. Each hue reignited memories of a life lived, a love lost yet again. Although the innocent female tending her small patch of existence would remember nothing of today—let alone the lifetime they’d shared—the compulsion to protect her had drawn him back from monotonous darkness.

The crisp air thickened with raw power and Jayson inhaled deep. So much for tending his curiosity alone. Gravel crunched beneath his general’s weight. The man had no qualms about risking his life for his men and no regard for how detrimental that sacrifice would be.

Imperator Balint was too important to lose.

“You shouldn’t be out alone. Until we find the rest of the hoard they’ll be out for your blood.” Jayson curled his fist around the hilt of the KA-BAR blade strapped to his side. The weapon would only piss off a demon if they attacked, but the few seconds of agitation would go a long way to summoning aid for Imperator Balint.

“Funny, I was about to say the same to you.” Balint crossed his arms. “Her name is Bettina Matthews.”

Her fingers trembled as she covered her plants and then disappeared into the warmth of the building. She had no business out in the sting of winter. If she was his in this lifetime he’d bundle her up beside a fire and…

She was not his. Bettina. The name didn’t suit her.

She’d always be Marcella. His Marcella.

“You shouldn’t be here, Jayson. A second wipe of her memory could cause irreparable harm.”

Her life’s breath still coated his lungs. His mind burned the taste of her sweet lips into his memories, a new torment for the long centuries ahead.

“No one will touch her.” Including him.

The finality punctuating his words wrought an uncomfortable tension as the Imperator beside him allowed the friendship they’d forged over centuries to take control of a fucked up situation. The demons had changed tactics.

“They’ve made it personal.”

“Killing one is easier than killing many.” Balint shrugged. “It’s only taken them how long to figure that out?”

“Why me?”

“You’re the second in command—the highest authority on the frontline no matter how many times I demand otherwise. You dare them to take you on in each skirmish. The Centurions you lead and their warriors have all expressed their concerns. The risks you take worry them.”

“You question my abilities?”

“I question your reasons, never your leadership.” Balint’s voice lowered. His words carved finality into Jayson’s soul. “Leave this place and her while you still can. It won’t get any easier later.”

The door thudded open behind them. Jayson pivoted and drew his weapon. Shock weighted his limbs as the wisp of feminine beauty enthralling him earlier trudged her way toward them.

Long, curly locks tumbled in errant disarray around slight shoulders. Full, lush lips thinned into chilled lines of frosty annoyance he tasted in her aura. Long eyelashes fluttered against the harsh wind as it whipped its warning to stay away. She shivered slightly and drew the thick coat around the curves his hands itched to expose.

Balint remained silent, as still as Jayson. How the hell had she sensed their presence. More importantly, why would she come?

“I didn’t save your life to have you die of exposure.” She unzipped her coat and withdrew a thermos. Hazel eyes flecked with gold widened as they raked over Balint and down to the container. “I’m afraid I didn’t bring an extra cup.”

A gloved hand held the offering out with determination. Although her body trembled Jayson could feel the sweltering awareness burgeoning between them. Her words settled in him, an acceptance that somehow they’d failed to wipe her memories.

“Since you insist on being out here, you could at least dress warmly.” The censure swept him into another lifetime—a time when he would’ve crawled through hell to appease the female before him.

His body hardened under her perusal. She took a deep breath and settled the container into the crook of his arm.

Balint cleared his throat and Jayson realized his common sense had shut down. He took the thermos and edged himself between her and the Imperator.

“You shouldn’t be up here,” he warned.

“You don’t scare me.” Her spine stiffened and her gaze darted upward until it locked with his.

He moved closer until the warmth of her breath fell on his neck. He inhaled vanilla. The scent ripped him back to another time and ruptured the scant distance between them with anguish.

She was not his. Not in this life.

Never again.

“Be terrified. Leave while you can Bettina Matthews.”

Her eyes widened but she remained still even though he leaned down until the air between them became a turbulent, warm wisp of rapture.  Her voice was a satin caress wrapping him in an inevitable tangle of duty and wanton hunger. “And if I don’t?”

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Monday Mehs

I thought for sure I’d used this title before. But it must’ve just been Monday Meh.

I had a good weekend for the most part. Had lunch with my sister, mom, nephew and his girlfriend since we were planning to watch a movie that afternoon. The kids were leaving on Sunday to go back to north Louisiana for school so we were getting one last chance to be with them. We ended up at Pier 1. Have you ever been there? It was my first time and the minute we walked through the door, we were attacked by clerks who wanted to help us, wanted to know what we were looking for. It was so bad that at one point they were telling me about the sales and I said, “I know. I can read. But thank you.”

I haven’t even gotten that kind of treatment at car dealerships. Those are the times you expect sales persons to pop out of trunks and browbeat you with their great deals until you’re left bleeding on the ground and you agree to buy their car. This was worst than that. I did end up buying a clock and they gave me a bag that was large enough to put a body inside. I’m not sure if they were hinting that I needed to buy something bigger or if they were just out of bags, but well…

I did get to see The Hobbit and I adored it. It’s been years since I read the book, back in my MUD (multi-user dungeon) days, but oh, I adored the movie. I went with my mom, my sister and my godson and can I just say my sister and I should have sat together? We were on either side of my nephew who kept having to move out of the way so we could whisper asides to each other. There are some interesting movies coming out soon and we’ve already made plans to go see Warm Bodies. Because that just looks funny. It actually reminds me of something I’d write. All whacked out and weird.

I love weird.

Yesterday was a miserable, rainy day. I did get some writing done and those of you who wonder when the next Cajun Heat is going to come out will be happy to know I’m actually writing on it. Right now. I don’t know when it’ll come out, but…there are words being written.

The Cabal is gearing up for the start of our pimpage of the Fondled and Gobbled books which come out next month. Oh yes, there will be chats, spotlights, guest posts…and blog hops. Oh! We also have a store. If you want to buy Cabal of Hotness goodies, like shirts, mugs, whatever, check it out.


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Caveman David

Ah 2013, you’re determined to show me how naughty you’ll be, aren’t you? Oh yes, I see it now. The Danica who only appears during Cabal of Hotness chats and when Jack (Jack Daniels) has been visiting is going to make a regular appearance here on the blog.

Sorry y’all. That’s just how it’s gotta be. Why? Because to kick of 2013, I’ve got the gorgeous Caveman David here with his interview. I’ll admit to blushing many times during this interview. Oh yes, he got me good.

Y’all? Here’s David.


Danica: Have you ever read one of the books you’ve modeled for?
David: I’ve only read one romance novel when I was 13 and it taught me a lot about sex and woman, haha. But not yet a romance novel that I have modeled for. I’m sure it would make me blush.
Danica: It would only be fair since he made me blush too.

Danica: What’s your favorite part about being a dancer/model?
David: I love the performing aspect of it.
Danica: I’ve seen him dance at RomantiCon. I enjoy his performances as well. *cough*

Danica: Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories from a photo shoot?
David: I’m usually very professional, but during one shoot with a female friend, I got a little too excited. Couldn’t help it, LOL
Danica: Part of me is wondering if she felt the same way…Brazen Hotness, this sounds like a plot bunny!

Danica: What’s your favorite kink?
David: I like when a girl is shaved and it’s comfortable sitting on my face. She must be neat and clean.
Danica: *red as a tomato* It’s uh…kind of hot in here, huh?


Danica: Are you a breast or a butt man?
David: I’m a butt man, breasts can be purchased.
Danica: I watched a show where this woman got butt implants. True story.

Danica: Do you have any upcoming appearances? When and where?
David: I’m a dancer at Dallas LaBare and perform Wednesdays through Sundays. I will also be at the Naughty Sleepover party in San Antonio, TX February 22-24
Danica: I see ladies stampeding to their computers to book flights to Texas…

Danica: What’s one place in the world you’d love to visit and why?
David: The Hilton Maldives because it’s paradise.david4

Danica: What’s your favorite color?
David: Grey
Danica: Funny, I would’ve guessed red…*cough*

Danica: What’s your favorite food?
David: Puerto Rican food

Danica: What’s one movie you can watch over and over again?
David: John Carter

Danica: Do you prefer beaches or mountains? (even though I’m sure I know the answer to this already)
David: Beaches
Danica: I knew it!


Danica: What do you think is your best feature?
David: I love to smile, so my smile.
Danica: And David does have a fantastic smile. He also has a great, sexy smirk, as you’ll see below if you can drag your eyes away from everything else.

Danica: What’s one thing you think people should know about you?
David: There is a lot more to me.
Danica: There really is. I have to give major thanks to David for allowing me to pester him through his rehearsals last night. I can’t begin to say how awesome and helpful these guys have all been, so love them for more than their chiseled, muscle-dense bodies and insanely powerful hip thrusts. And great hair. And tattoos. And smiles. Uh. Any questions? I don’t think David will be stopping by today, but I’m more than happy to chat!david1

And if you’re looking for a great giveaway, check out the Cabal of Hotness this month. We’re giving away a $100 Amazon gift card to a lucky winner. Simply enter by subscribing to the Cabal’s blog and commenting on each day’s blog post!

Happy Friday! Stay thirsty, my friends.


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