The Giddiness is Spreading

I wasn’t exactly thrilled to wake up this morning only to realize it was Monday and I had to return to the EDJ. Don’t get me wrong, the EDJ helps pay all the bills my lovely writing job can’t, but still. I can pout about it. And I am.

The weekend was a success in many ways. I set out to at least write 10k words on Saturday. Well, my goal was actually to hit 12k on my current WIP. It took me a lot of coffee, no nap, a lot of music, but by the end of the day on Saturday, I hit 10k. It’s still not my best daily word count total. That belongs to the first half of Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose. I wrote the first 11k words of that story at a coffee shop on a summer morning. I must’ve been a lot younger (or felt it) because there’s no way I could sit that long now without remaining stuck in that hunched-over-the-keyboard pose.

Sunday was spent helping my nephew paint the living room of his house. Again, this is  how I know I must’ve been younger when I wrote Ruby. I currently can’t lift my arm over my head so I was stuck painting everything shoulder height and lower. Crawling from one spot to the other around his large living room meant when I stood at the end of the day, I was hunched over like a senior citizen.

But aches and pains aside, it was a good weekend. It was made even better when one of my fellow Cabalites created this very fun, silly video to celebrate the upcoming release of Fondled and Gobbled. Oh yes, the excitement is growing. At least for me. I haven’t had a book release since September, so this is like a big yay for me. I promise though, I am writing and plan to have at the very least 5 releases this year. Somehow. I might have to become a hermit to do it, but do it I shall!


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3 responses to “The Giddiness is Spreading

  1. Stacy McKitrick

    Cute video! It all seems true, too. 🙂
    Good job on the writing! Seems like I’ve been editing forever and haven’t had that kind of daily word count, well, EVER. Oh well… (heavy sigh)

  2. Sorry to hear of your problems,(or I’d have you come up and help me paint!); glad to hear things are looking up! Best wishes!

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