Is anyone out there?

I’m actually heading to work this morning and the interwebz seem very quiet. The only thing I have going for me is the knowledge that I’m not the only one who’ll be at the office today. But then I’d much rather be home writing than going to the evil day job.

I had a nice weekend. Really. I figured out who my characters were for my current WIP and managed to get three thousand words written. It isn’t a massive word count by any means, but it was enough to inspire me to keep working. Like Dean’s List (working title), it’s going to be another experimental story. No, no, not that kind of experiment. It’s a futuristic, one I’ve been writing off and on for months. It took me finishing Dean’s List for me to realize what was wrong with my story and now it’s flowing, the characters are talking to me and the sex scenes are keeping me up at nights.

It’s weird how that happens, by the way. Not the insomnia from sex scenes, but how writing a short story can help clear the mind for longer works. This futuristic will be my first 30k or more work since July. I think I timed it perfectly, by the way. When I really start to hit my stride, football season will official be over and I can spend my weekends writing instead of screaming at the television.

Saturday night I went out to dinner with my family. It was very nice and not just because I had this really tasty alcoholic beverage called a Firefly Lemonade. The food was good, but it was wonderful to spend time with my mom, sister, nephew and his girlfriend, and brother and his family. We laughed, we talked, we stuffed our faces and it was good. It was pretty funny because before dinner, my brother-in-law called my sister to find out what she was doing and she says,

We’re getting ready to go out to dinner. Danica sold a book again.

Like it happens every day. I wish it did, but yeah, it doesn’t. It’s really weird though because I did sell a short story before the end of 2012. Cookie Bound in Fondled and Gobbled: Someone Had To Do It is something I wrote…yet it doesn’t feel like a story. Probably because writing it felt more like watching an x-rated Mel Brooks movie. It was fun.

Anyway, in case you didn’t see it all over Twitter and Facebook, I had my very first quickie for the EC for Men line accepted by my fantastic editor. Dean’s List (working title) was something I whipped up to avoid having to buy the Cabal of Hotness drinks at RomantiCon. But I found it was a very fast, hot story to write and I hope people enjoy it. If things go well, I may be exploring more story lines that aren’t suitable for my other books, but would fit in with the EC for Men line. We’ll see.

How was your weekend, my friends?


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3 responses to “Hello?

  1. Stacy McKitrick

    I’m here! 🙂
    Saturday was quiet. Got to watch hockey, though. That was fun!
    Sunday was frustrating. Every football team I rooted for lost. I doubt I watch the Super Bowl this year. I despise both teams!

    At least the Penguins won their first two games. I’m into hockey, now!

    • I’m actually kind of pleased with the results of the championship games. I wouldn’t have chosen any of them from the start, but they’re better than the Falcons and Pats *hides from their fans*

  2. Congrats, Danica! And my weekend was quiet, but nice.Thanks for asking!

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