Monday Mehs

I thought for sure I’d used this title before. But it must’ve just been Monday Meh.

I had a good weekend for the most part. Had lunch with my sister, mom, nephew and his girlfriend since we were planning to watch a movie that afternoon. The kids were leaving on Sunday to go back to north Louisiana for school so we were getting one last chance to be with them. We ended up at Pier 1. Have you ever been there? It was my first time and the minute we walked through the door, we were attacked by clerks who wanted to help us, wanted to know what we were looking for. It was so bad that at one point they were telling me about the sales and I said, “I know. I can read. But thank you.”

I haven’t even gotten that kind of treatment at car dealerships. Those are the times you expect sales persons to pop out of trunks and browbeat you with their great deals until you’re left bleeding on the ground and you agree to buy their car. This was worst than that. I did end up buying a clock and they gave me a bag that was large enough to put a body inside. I’m not sure if they were hinting that I needed to buy something bigger or if they were just out of bags, but well…

I did get to see The Hobbit and I adored it. It’s been years since I read the book, back in my MUD (multi-user dungeon) days, but oh, I adored the movie. I went with my mom, my sister and my godson and can I just say my sister and I should have sat together? We were on either side of my nephew who kept having to move out of the way so we could whisper asides to each other. There are some interesting movies coming out soon and we’ve already made plans to go see Warm Bodies. Because that just looks funny. It actually reminds me of something I’d write. All whacked out and weird.

I love weird.

Yesterday was a miserable, rainy day. I did get some writing done and those of you who wonder when the next Cajun Heat is going to come out will be happy to know I’m actually writing on it. Right now. I don’t know when it’ll come out, but…there are words being written.

The Cabal is gearing up for the start of our pimpage of the Fondled and Gobbled books which come out next month. Oh yes, there will be chats, spotlights, guest posts…and blog hops. Oh! We also have a store. If you want to buy Cabal of Hotness goodies, like shirts, mugs, whatever, check it out.


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4 responses to “Monday Mehs

  1. Write faster want another Cajun heat book.

  2. I’ll need to checkout your store Hun. Trying to read all your blogs have been soo busy haven’t had a chance. I need to catch up. You always make me giggle with your very witty comments. LOL, Erin

  3. Never been to Pier One?I hadn’t been there for years, but dragged The Husband in when we were Christmas shopping.Yep, those are some attentive clerks they have there…busybodies,if you ask me! I hate being badgered.
    You never know what they will have there, though.I have Christmas ornaments from Europe that I bought there years and years ago.I finally wore out woven ‘throws’ that I found there one year,(I’m not sure where they were made). There have been clothing from Asia and Africa, jewelry and candles from all over, baskets , trunks and furniture that sometimes,I wish I had. When my sons were little,I had gotten hooks there for their bedroom closet.They were Italian-made, shaped like Pinocchio’s head..the hook was his nose.
    They had enough glassware on sale at mine this year to set up a full-scale,up-scale bar with a tasteless lounge attached to it, but I think the salespeople drove me away before I even gave a second thought to buying anything.

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