Can I Have Some Lemonade?

Today marks the last of our misunderstood lyrics theme for What’s Playing Wednesdays. I had a lot of fun with these posts. Maybe I’ll have to do it again,next time asking for your misunderstood lyric stories. We’ll have to see.

Starting next Wednesday, I’m handing over What’s Playing Wednesdays to my friends in the Cabal of Hotness. Yup, you got it, I’ve asked the ladies to share songs that either remind them of their works in progress, their books, or whatever. I’m giving up my Wednesdays and inviting them in to wreak havoc.

But today is still about my misunderstood lyrics. Actually, it isn’t my misunderstood lyric. It’s one I knew the words to, yet knew it also sounded like something else. In fact, knowing what was and what it sounded like helped me win tickets to a wrestling match, which I didn’t go to. *eye roll* What am I going to do at a WWE wrestling match? Honestly. Unless those big, sweaty, muscular men are taking their clothes off…

Anyway, today’s song is by a band I really enjoyed in the 90s. The Black Crowes hit the rock scene with their funky, blues laden rock and really hit it big. They had a lot of great songs that I still enjoy listening to today, yet there’s one, just one that will always be my favorite because I swear it sounds like they’re asking for lemonade. The song is Remedy and if you listen to the backup singers, it sounds like “can I have some lemonaade?”

My sister and I thought that was hysterical and of course sang it that way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s theme! And if you want, you can have some lemonade. I don’t mind.

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