They’re Taking It Off

Hey y’all, well it’s finally here, the interview you’ve all been waiting for. Yup, we have Taylor Cole and Justin Alan Whitfield in the house talking about their debut release, Take It Off! The Naked Truth About Male Strippers.

Now, if you haven’t had a chance to read the book yet, some of these questions might sound a little coarse and way out of left field. However, if you’ve read the guys’ book, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about here. Also, feel free to leave comments or questions.ย The guys will hopefully have time to stop by and respond.


Danica: Who had the idea of writing Take It Off? Was it something y’all thought of together, or always wanted to do?
Justin: Both of us had been wanting to write a book for years! I moved to Houston to work at the Houston Labare and Taylor stayed in Dallas working at the Dallas Labare. Every few months, we would see each other to do roadshows that I booked and we would share stories. This made us think, “our stories are hilarious! We gotta write a book!” Not until I saw the trailer months before magic mike came out to theaters, did I know we had to act soon! I wasn’t part of Ellora’s Cave yet but Taylor was, so I got him to pitch our book to Susan Edwards and we got our first contract! Susan didn’t seem interested at first but called Taylor a few days later and had a contract for us. She thought we would need a ghost writer but was happily suprised that we could write and wanted to keep our voice in the book.
Taylor: We wrote it together. We talked about doing it for years.

Danica: What was the best part of writing this book? The fame, the fortune…the chance to revisit your favorite conquests?
Justin: The chance to mark off “write a book” on our bucket list! Also, making friends with all of the Elloras cave authors.
Taylor: Remembering all the fun times and adventures I had.

Danica: Okay, what’s the deal with tea bagging the new guy? Cause, correct me if I’m wrong, but women don’t go around vag bagging people. Unless that’s something new and the Cabal are planning to add this to the induction ceremony…ย 
Taylor: I would never do that to anyone. That’s a story one of the old dancers always told us about.
Justin: We wish women would! Sounds like a good ritual!!!! Btw: Taylor and I have never tea bagged anyone!
Or got tea bagged!


Danica: How has the response been from readers so far? Reviews can be harsh and a bit of a pain in the ass. Do you even bother reading them?
Justin: Yes, so far we have gotten really good reviews and feedback. I love reading a review that shows the reader didn’t want to read or didn’t know what to expect and ended up loving the book!
Taylor: I love reading the reviews. So far they have all been positive.

Danica: The scene with the toilet paper in the dancer’s thong nearly killed me. Does that kind of thing stay with a dancer the next time they perform? How do you come back from something like that?
Taylor: That didn’t happen to me, but I’m sure if the guy laughed it off it wouldn’t be that big a deal.
Justin: It happened and the women never evenย  said anything to me. I still made money! I was embarrassed though!

Danica: Of the two of you, who’s the better storyteller?
Taylor: I’m better at telling it in person, but he’s better at writing it down.
Justin: Taylor has the funniest story telling ability, he just has to be in the right mood to tell them, though. I write more of the stuff but Taylor adds much of the humor. We are like yin and yang.

Justin on the left, Taylor on the right

These questions come from one of your fans ๐Ÿ˜‰

Danica: How much is too much to share. How much are you willing to discuss with readers who are genuinely interested? Tell all baby!
Justin: My wife had to take a deep breath on some parts of the first book but that’s why I love her! She allows me to be me!
Taylor: I’m pretty much an open book. I didn’t really hold anything back.

Danica: What type of woman is the one type you’d never go for?
Taylor: Snobby women. They seem negative to me and I like to be around positive people.
Justin: Sloppy. I love a woman who knows how to carry herself.

Danica: How did you get into the Caveman Club? (And thank God y’all did.. Her words, not mine although I agree.)
Justin: Patty came to my bar in Houston 7 years ago to audition cavemen. I was the link they needed to sign all the Labare guys. Reason why most of us come from Texas. I declined to model then due to my 80 hours a week to get my bar up and running. However, I always regretted not being a caveman! I wanted to be on a book cover badly. Another bucket list! Things workout well for me, and now I have my goal and will be a caveman until they say no more! Lol!
Taylor: One of the choreographers asked me and Angelo fi we would be interested in it and we agreed and were so glad we did.

Danica: Does it ever get old, getting ogled? How do you get over having a “meh” day and turn it on for the stage?
Taylor: It never gets old. I love the attention!
Justin: It does get old but you miss it too! That’s why I retired from Labare in ’05 but continue to this day doing roadshows at clubs and casinos. It’s fun being sexy! My normal life, I am anything but! Mean boss is what I get to be! Lol!

Now it’s your turn, my friends. These guys are amazingly blunt and ready to tell you like it is. Of course, if you haven’t picked up Take It Off! The Truth About Male Strippers, you should do that. Like now ๐Ÿ™‚


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21 responses to “They’re Taking It Off

  1. First, of course, congrats on the book and the upcoming books! I’ve read Take It Off! and spent a fair amount of time laughing out loud. There are some absolutely hilarious stories!

    My question is tame. I’ll leave the vag-bagging to the rest of the Cabal. LOL

    When you two are writing, or working on ideas, do you put everything on paper first, or are you constantly working with a computer or your phones? Do you have a pile of napkins covered in notes?

    • Justin Whitfield

      We do everything on my iPad and iPhone. We do our best writing really late or really early, whichever. Whenever We get an idea,
      I put it in my notes on my iPhone.

  2. Hey look, someone else from the Cabal. And I have no shame, so I’ll ask. If you guys are honorary members of the Cabal, and we do like hot men as honorary members, were you talking specifically about the vag-bagging? Cuz I’m guessing Justin’s wife might have a word to say about that…but I bet Taylor is all for it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Here’s a serious question, Seriously. A lot of people WANT to write a book. A lot of people TRY to write a book. What made you guys actually finish your book? Just the chance to get your stories down on paper or check it off your bucket list or did the drive to get it done from something else? I’ve found the Cavemen to be wildly ambitious guys (which I love), but writing a book is really hard. So how did you keep yourselves going?

  3. Justin whitfield

    Writing the book was fun but making sure we covered everything was hard. We were motivated like never before! We can’t wait for it to come out in paperback. The second book is definitely coming out way more structured and the editing is being done more by us.

  4. It was wonderful to meet you at RomantiCon and until next year!
    The Cabal will envelope you with open, loving arms ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on your book and looking forward to the next one. Watch out for us…seems a road trip is in the works ๐Ÿ˜‰ LeBare, here we come.

  5. This was an awesome interview and I really got the sense that you guys are unabashedly honest, which BTW is so refreshing. My quick question is: From your personal experiences, do you think female and males strippers share the same thrills and chills? Or is it as sexually discriminating and biased as it comes across? Thanks.

    • I'm a total package kinda guy. A mind is very sexy to me. If a girl can keep me laughing, I'm turned on more by her.

      The two are very different in many ways. Women provide their type of entertainment and we provide ours. Much more demanding for us and usually less money. Lol. The hours are similar, tho.

  6. LisaLee

    I must say Justin and Taylor, I LOVED the book!!! You had me laughing so hard!!! I had to put my Nook down down.due it shacking to much…LOL

    I have 2 questions for you and they are a beginning and “never” an ending question. ๐Ÿ™‚

    First question, how did you get started in your Labare careers at Houston and Dallas? Was it something you wanted or just landed in “your lap”? LOL

    • I'm a total package kinda guy. A mind is very sexy to me. If a girl can keep me laughing, I'm turned on more by her.

      We both wanted it badly. You have to really want to be a male stripper to succeed.

  7. LisaLee

    Second question: How do you both or the “other guys/strippers” know when to hang up the g-string, costumes/outfits, and let the screams and girls go from the “club shows” ? Is it the same for everyone?

    How did you know Justin? (Sounds like you “might” miss the club show but still enjoy the roadshows.)

    Inquiring minds like me would like to know.

    Thank you for your responses and DEFINITELY looking for the next one!! CONGRATULATIONS Gentlemen!!!

    • I'm a total package kinda guy. A mind is very sexy to me. If a girl can keep me laughing, I'm turned on more by her.

      Many guys have the inkling they should quit but it’s a hard biz to get out of. Relationships are the main reason a dancer quits but a few hold on for a few years too many. Lack of earning power is another indicator a guy uses. I knew because I wanted to start a family so I had to get my next career going. I do miss the performance part , so I have made it to where I can dip my feet in every once in a while at a roadshow.

  8. 2 questions here. One I asked Justin on the side after finishing the book, but it deserves a public forum.
    “Holy cow, does anyone actually go into the bathrooms to just pee?”
    “Do the aggressive women tend to stay aggressive if they make it behind the scenes, or do most of them expect you to do all the work?”

    • I'm a total package kinda guy. A mind is very sexy to me. If a girl can keep me laughing, I'm turned on more by her.

      Lol! Yes the bathroom is for number 1 as well! The aggressive women who make it behind the scenes may act aggressive for a bit but if she hangs around for a while, she had better cool down. Aggressive girls get shot down by the guys more than not. We like to hang with a chick that is cool…

  9. Taylor, I’m really glad you do the covers, too. Lucky enough to have you on both Winters’ Thaw and Love Cuffs. Thank you!

  10. Julianne

    I started reading the book last night, I guess I haven’t gotten to the tea bagging part yet. On page 25 I think. I was going to ask if there were going to be more books about behind the scenes by you two, and I saw that answer. So, how does one become a member of the Cabal of Hotness? haha
    Have you ever shared a woman in a menage?
    Do you take any kind of dance lessons or just watch the other dancers?

    • I'm a total package kinda guy. A mind is very sexy to me. If a girl can keep me laughing, I'm turned on more by her.

      Your questions will be answered in book 2 under the story,”3 way the wrong way!” Lol

    • Justin whitfield

      Practice, practice and more practice. I was not much of a dancer at first. You really have to log your time in and pay your dues.

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