Do the Regulator?

I didn’t announce it last week, but this month I’ll be posting songs that either I, or someone I know, misunderstood. Oh yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You love this particular song, sing it to yourself and think you know the lyrics. And then the moment you’re with a friend, they say, “That’s not what they’re saying!”


Today’s song is one I learned about from my friend. One of his coworkers would walk around singing “Do the regulator”…when the song was Dude (Looks Like A Lady). I know, I know, how could he possibly messed this one up? Well, first off, he’s from down the bayou (down da bayou) and his accent is a little (okay, a lot) flat. I can actually understand how he might have gotten it  mixed up.

So today’s first misunderstood song is Aerosmith’s Dude (Looks Like A Lady). Are you going to sing it wrong now? It’s okay. Give it a try.
“Do da regulator!”


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10 responses to “Do the Regulator?

  1. suzlyne

    OMG!! I’m going to be singing that in my sleep tonight! Too funny!!!

  2. Julianne

    This is a secret confession, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. I misunderstood the words too. But it wasn’t do da regulator.
    I thought they were singing, do the funky lady. Until my sister fell off her chair laughing when I sang it. She said, OMG!! you think that’s the lyrics?
    After about 2 hours of constant laughing, I was told the correct words.

  3. Stacy McKitrick

    There are lots of songs I’ve done this with, just can’t remember them off the top of my head. I’ll be checking to see if you pick any of them, though! And no, this wasn’t one of them. Sorry!!

  4. Do you mind if I add a few? My mother was TERRIBLE about lyrics and most of the time,it was a riot!
    She was totally scandalized when The Beach Boys sang “My Little Loose Kook”.

  5. Once in the late ’60’s , the radio was on,playing away on a rock station, as usual.My mother said,”That is the longest ad I have ever heard!” The Buckinghams’ with “Kind of a Drag” was on .She thought they were pushing “Canada Dry”.

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