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RomantiCon: The Men

That’s what you were waiting to find out about anyway, wasn’t it? Just those sexy, studly men in their tight jeans or those black pants they wore for the Fever dance number. *swoons* Holy cow. Holy. Cow. I have no doubt that by the time this conference ended, the readers and authors were a little ab-dazed. You know, from staring at six-packs for four solid days, being close to those said abs, maybe even touching them.

Hell, I’m about to swoon again.

I was scared to death the first 24 hours of that conference. It’s hard for me to explain. I love the menz. I love looking at the menz, the more muscles the better. Yet seeing men in that kind of physical condition in person is a lot different from seeing them on television or the big screen. My sister-in-law will attest to the amount of noise I made for Magic Mike. She said “You moaned the entire time!” Can you just about imagine what it was like to walk among these guys? To take pictures with them?

‘Scuse me for a moment while I get a bib.

This was my face of terror. Sheer terror.

They’re total sweethearts. That’s probably worst than them being arrogant, good-looking guys. At least if they were assholes I could turn off the fangirlness. But they were darling and nice. Damn them. No, they were great. When they talked to you, it was as though you were the only woman there. That’s a gift we can’t let other men know about because god help us if they discover the cavemen’s secret weapons: attentiveness and confidence.

There’s even more terror now, but I think I’m too hidden by muscled bodies to see it.

This is Nick in a lewd pose with his statue.

There was Nick who won Alpha Caveman. He was the Zumba dancing, dimple flashin’ (the ones on his face, haha) sweetie pie. He was everywhere I looked, dancing, smiling, charming the ladies. Le sigh, he let me sniff him. He smells delicious by the way.

This is the only picture I took without blinking. I have sensitive pupils!

Ryan, the South African hunk who reminded me of Thor while he was wearing his Spartan costume *swoon*, turned out to be a talented artist. He’s got this amazing Sith African accent that reminds me of Cade from Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark and I do love me some Cade. Yowsa.

Bryan, a tall, lean drink of water with heavenly blue eyes, had a smile that made me want to blush even as he made me feel at ease with him. I think he was the tallest of the cavemen. If I’m wrong, someone feel free to correct me. With a spanking, but it seemed as though all of the tall readers and authors gravitated toward him. I did too but only because I’m an equal opportunity groper. Heh.

After this dance I was kind of like ‘yeah, I can handle this’.

Georgio, oh Georgio, wherefore art thou Georgio. I have a severe crush on him. It’s because he spanked me. *shrug* So I’m easy. I never said I wasn’t. Spank me, pound and grind against me like a beast in full rut and I’ll love you for life. Oh and do it all with a thick, Hungarian accent and hello, nurse!

He’s looking for someone to snack on. *bounces up and down in her chair*

Then there was Eli. I kept telling everyone I wanted to fold him up and put him in my pocket he was so darling and innocent looking. That was until I saw him give the lap dance instructor a lap dance. Yes, he gave that woman the kind of dance I’m sure will stick with her for the rest of her life. Ay yi yi!  Sneaky man. His secret weapon is his seeming innocence which he uses to lure the womenz to him. Gotta love it.

 I ended up talking with Justin for a long time about his book, his life. He’s a very fascinating man. Add in the fact that he has  muscles on top of muscles, a beautiful smile and yeah, I was staring at him. And trying not to think about him sitting in my lap. Then you throw Taylor Cole in the mix and you have a lethal combination. *fans herself* Oh yes, Taylor has this sly smile like he knows things. Lots of things and if you peeked into his mind you’d probably cream your panties. Uh-huh. Texas boys…gotta love them.

Taylor Cole is on the left and Justin is on the right. Their book, Take It Off, is something else!

Am I finished yet? No! Because there were a few men I didn’t get the chance to talk to, but who were definitely heavenly to look at and watch dance. Did I mention these guys could dance like nobody’s business? They could and they were amazing at it. Ace took over the dance floor every time he showed up. This man has moves that made me wonder if he even had vertebrae because god knows I would’ve thrown my back out doing anything he did. As it is, I think Georgio attempted to break my money-maker with his super-sonic hip thrusting skills. *cough* David was simply beautiful. Ay yi yi…I’m biting my knuckle because yeah…oh wow. Thick eyelashes, a beautiful tan, gorgeous body and a smile that could knock a woman sideways. And lest I forget Cole, he was another one of the cute ones who made me want to take him home with me. I wouldn’t have violated him. Honest. At least I’m sure I wouldn’t have unless he happened to give me a shy smile. Then it would be on.

*sigh* So many men, so many men. Did you know they’re going to be visiting my blog over the next few weeks? Oh yes, you know Danica was working her mojo and getting email addresses, facebook accounts…phone numbers. For work! Honestly. Maybe. Ahem.

I hope y’all are ready because while RomantiCon is over for a year, the cavemen are still around, looking sexy, buff and moving in ways that have to be illegal in at least 32 states.


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RomantiCon: The Conversations

If you’re easily offended, now is the time to close this post.

I didn’t realize just how much I hold back until this conference. There are a lot of things I avoid saying so as not to offend people. I want everyone to like me. However, I’m an erotic romance writer. I’m going to offend a lot of people who don’t understand the genre, so you know what? Fuck it. You heard me, I said it. Fuck it. I’m going to let it out and hope I don’t lose that many readers.

The conversations I had at RomantiCon varied greatly. It could have been something as serious as relationships that are rocky to losing someone important. Or it could have been something completely silly and hysterical. If you were sitting at a table with me the last night, the phrase “Shoulder holder” should have significant meaning to you. That and Oklahoma. Which now every time I see/hear that word I immediately want to stretch out to make myself as flat as possible.

Then there was the book signing. I was sitting right next to Lea Barrymire who is a bad influence. I swear she was trying to get me in trouble. It started off innocently enough, with me calling over one of the cavemen to talk about interviewing him for the blog. He crouched in front of me to talk and my brain must have gone on hiatus to have all of that attention on me. *fans herself* Hell, my heart is fluttering just thinking about it. Did I care that he’s the same age as my nephew? Nope.

Anyway, I’m giving him my spiel about the blog process and interview and when I get to the part where I ask if he has any subjects that are taboo, he says, “I don’t understand. You’re not going to ask me if I fuck barnyard animals or something, are you?” Oh. My. God. I’m so glad I was able to keep calm, but inside I was dying from laughing hysterically. No, we are not asking the cavemen that question, people. But man, that was hilarious.

So while I have this gorgeous man at my table (which my phone autocorrected to twaddle), I saw a few readers checking him out. I called them over so they could meet him and chat. Once he left, Lea and I spoke with the ladies about Ohio and the Amish and…was there a burlesque dancer in there as well? I seem to recall asking her about pasties. Hm. *shrug* Somehow we got on the topic of menage stories and the fact that no matter how careful the men are in a m/f/m sandwich…there’s going to be touching. There might have even been mention of balls slapping together.

It was at this point that an Ellora’s Cave staff member walked up with a video camera. He stopped, backtracked and said, “What was that?”

Normally I would have turned beet red and changed the subject. However, there must be something in the air at the hotel…testosterone maybe? The same hormone that drives women wild and men to do crazy things? I don’t know really. But yes, I told him exactly what we were talking about which then led to a discussion about double balls or quad balls and well it really just went downhill from there.

And sadly enough, this was the most tame conversation I had there. It was freeing and relaxing to know I could say something that would normally be interpreted as disgusting and uncouth without being judged. That’s the best part about RomantiCon. I could tell Sasha Devlin I was jealous of her boobs without her thinking it was sexual. I loved every part of the conversations had with the ladies I met, not to mention you never knew what you were going to get when you spoke with the cavemen.

I’ve managed to drag out this entire week without talking exclusively about the men. Well, tomorrow’s about the smexy menz of Ellora’s Cave. My recommendation is that you get a bib, make sure you’re in a locked room and have a clean pair of panties available because these men are h.o.t.


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RomantiCon: The Music

Don’t be shy! I see y’all stopping by the blog but no one commenting. If you don’t want anyone to know your name, just make a fake on, but please leave a comment. I won’t bite.  Hard, unless you ask me to.

Of course I’m going to talk about the music for the convention. It just so happens to fit in with my What’s Playing Wednesday theme. Before I get to that though, remember I need questions to ask the cavemen when they stop by the blog. Post your question for them in the comments and I’ll forward them to the guys.

Now back to the What’s Playing Wednesday post. I’m not a dancer but you couldn’t have guessed that from this weekend. I played music because according to my band director, I had no rhythm for dancing. I can shake my butt (which is easy since there’s so much of it), but I found myself dancing, or rather doing my version of dancing, nearly every night of this convention. In fact, I was strongly reminded of college, when I used to go out every night of the week. I’d always start off in my chair, doing what I called “chair dancing”, before I ended up on the dance floor. By the 2nd party, I was dragging other people out on the dance floor.

This behavior didn’t come without its downsides. Each morning I would swing my legs over the side of the bed and eye the floor warily because walking hurt. Standing hurt. My ass, my thighs and my feet hated me. But I couldn’t sit down and watch everyone else have fun. It had absolutely nothing to do with the cavemen dancing in the crowd. I swear. I didn’t dance with any of them. I didn’t stand behind them and stare at their tight asses as they gyrated in ways that’ll haunt me until I see it happen again. And again and again. *shivers*

But we’re talking about music, not glistening skin with rippling muscles and jeans that barely clung to tight, little butts you could bounce a quarter off of. We were talking about music. Right. Music….um. There was music playing. Um, dance music. Throbbing bass, catchy lyrics, you know the deal. It’s not something I listen to often. In fact, by the time I got in my car at the airport yesterday, I was parched for heavy metal and rocked out on the drive home.

The guys can dance to just about anything and make it look as though they’d practiced it a million times. These are some amazing dancers. Seriously amazing. I just missed screaming guitars and screaming lyrics and headbanging something awful. *sniff* Maybe next year I’ll sing something my speed to get the party started.

Nah, I want people to like me, not chase me from the room with torches and pitchforks. 😉

Be sure to stop by the rest of the week to find out about what else went on at RomantiCon 2012!


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RomantiCon: The Writers

I’m back again with another recap of RomantiCon 2012. Before I get to the meat of the post I have a special announcement. I worked my ass off to hunt track down each of EC’s cavemen to ask them one special question: Would they mind being interviewed here on my blog. And you know what they said? They’d love to! The things I do to try to make y’all happy. You want the sexy menz? I’m going to bring them to you, but you have to work for it first.

I’m giving you until Monday, October 22 to come up with some questions you’d like me to ask these wonderful men. And they are wonderful. Please leave your questions in the comments and I’ll compile them for the guys next week so we can all get to know the Cavemen a little better.

And now, the rest of the story…

I’ll admit to being a little concerned about this conference. No, I wasn’t expecting them to truss me up as some virgin sacrifice to one of their sexy cavemen…although that would have been awesome. It’s that whole “What if no one wants to be my friend?” feeling. Like you’re in high school all over again and praying you remembered to put deodorant on.

But it wasn’t like that at all. Mainly because I shared the shuttle with another writer who was attending their first RomantiCon. Sky Robinson was a blast to hang out with. This woman has a laugh that makes you hurt yourself laughing. It was a little less intimidating once you have someone, also new, to talk to because then you start branching out. Tentatively, yes, but by the time you leave the convention, you’re like “What’s up, hooker?” Or maybe that was just me.

Sitting with Sky is the mysterious A.M. Griffin who managed to nearly make me have an accident with her impression of the fine state of Oklahoma. Sorry, it’s an inside joke, but ask her about it if you ever meet her in person. You’ll probably hear a lot of laughing and denials.

I also got to meet Lea Barrymire and Erin Simone, two very lovely, witty ladies who left me in tears at times. In the picture below from left to right, Erin Simone, yours truly, Sky Robinson, A.M. Griffin, and Lea Barrymire. We had so much friggin’ fun, if we’d had anymore, I’m pretty sure we would’ve gone to jail.

There were also some authors who seemed to pop into the picture just to shake things up, but I never managed to get a candid of them. Shoshanna Evers is gorgeous and made me both relaxed and uncomfortable for reasons I’d rather not explain *cough*. Christine d’Abo is friggin’ hilarious and she was my Pro Football Hall of Fame buddy. Three hours of ogling Super Bowl rings, old football jerseys, helmets, shoes and all kinds of things forms a bond unlike any other. And I’m not even mentioning the hours we spent in the Pro Hall of Fame store.

Sasha Devlin is my sister from another mister. Actually, we’ve decided we’re formerly conjoined twins who were unevenly separated as she has the boobs and I got the booty. Francesca Hawley spent some time with us as well and helped me stay up so I wouldn’t miss my flight out on Monday morning. J.K. Coi, Cara McKenna Cristal Ryder, Cassandra Carr, um, um, um….Cara Carnes, um, there’s more! Regina Cole, Virginia Cavanaugh, Aline Hunter, man, the list just goes on and on.

Needless to say there were a lot of authors there who made me feel as though I was right at home. The fact they’re also connoisseurs of beautiful men makes it that much easier for us to get along.

Have you begun checking out flights and hotel reservations for RomantiCon 2013 yet? 😉


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The Readers

I’m going to break RomantiCon down into different categories. I think it’d be easier to keep track of everything this way rather than me just tell y’all about each and every single moment of the convention. If you want to know what it’s like, seeing and feeling is believing. Aw yeah, you read me right.

Feeling. As in this convention has one thing no other convention I’ve been to had.  Sexy menz whose purpose was to make you feel…both uncomfortably excited and flustered and relaxed. The relaxing bit didn’t happen right away for me, but I’ll get to that in the Cavemen’s segment of the recap.

Ellora’s Cave has some of the most awesome readers ever. We’re talking people who like it dirty and raw and have no problem letting you know. They combed over the ballroom for hours, going back and forth between the authors and the cavemen. I really, really wish I had gone to this convention as a reader just once. Don’t get me wrong, when I saw Laurann Dohner and Jaid Black, I had a squee moment. As in, Oh My Gawd, that’s, that’s…you get the idea.

EC’s fans are great. They’re curious, open and so eager to get to know the writers they follow. By the way, I have a stalker.

These are two of the readers I got to spend a lot of time with over the weekend. They were great. That Cindy…OMG, you just don’t want to know. Don’t even ask, but needless to say I’ll never ever ever judge a book by its cover again.

Another great reader who was more than willing to talk about anything and everything under the sun. I got a lot of great ideas at this convention just from speaking with the readers.

Our table was made up of walking dead survivors. We were bad ass, okay? However, after getting a look at some of the cavemen zombies, I wouldn’t have minded them nibbling on me. Heh.

I don’t have a picture of me with Nikki Brandyberry on my camera, but it was fantastic to finally meet her. It’s always fun to meet up with people you’ve been talking with online and instantly recognize them. Of course it doesn’t hurt that she’s so darn cute.

Tomorrow’s going to be about the writers because I met some awesome ladies and men at this convention who’ll knock you on your ass with their books.

Stay tuned!



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It Was Inevitable

I was bound to blog at some point during my trip to Romanticon. I just didn’t think it’d be at 5 friggin’ thirty on Sunday morning after I partied hard all night. Warning: This blog post may contain illogical thought patterns and incorrect grammar, but my feet hurt and it’s my blog anyway and I can do whatever I want.

So…I’ve turned myself into the biggest liar ever. I came into this convention telling everyone “I don’t dance”…”Do you want to see an entire dance floor taken out?” and things like that, but I’ve apparently been taken over by someone who thinks they actually have rhythm. Yes. Are you freaking out? Because I was.

Thursday night was pretty sedate in my mind. There was some booty-bumping going on of which I may have been a part of.  May have. Friday night, however…Oh, Friday showed me a new side of myself. I’ve talked before about how Danica isn’t the same person who goes home to my family. Danica is the wild, socializing party girl who can talk to a wall if she has to. And that crazy woman was in full force the rest of the party.

I don’t have cables to post pictures yet, but uh if you’re easily offended, do not visit the rest of this week which is going to be Romanticon in review. Let me just say that I have had the most fun ever at a conference. I’ve attacked (in a good way), the art director at least three times and thanked her profusely for my covers. No, I wasn’t drunk when I did it. It’s been one hell of a time and I can’t wait to do it again next year.

Even though it might take that long to get my money-maker workin’ again. Cause yeah, I think I broke it at some point.


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RomantiCon Eve

I know today’s Wednesday which means What’s Playing, but I’m stoked about leaving for Ohio tomorrow. Seriously, y’all. I’ve already left and I’m winging my way…in my head. I still have a day of work, a night of Duck Dynasty and last-minute packing to do, but I’m already enjoying the conference. Except in my dreams. Those are about my nephew’s radioactive incinerator in his apartment because he’s too cheap to pay for trash service. Don’t judge me! It was a dream!

I blame it on a combination of text taunts from him because his fantasy football team beat mine, HAZWOPER training and Chantix. Why couldn’t I dream about the cavemen? Or the plot of the WIP I haven’t touched in days? No, I dream about something like this. Hmph.

Anyway, I’m excited and I haven’t forgotten about October having a black theme for What’s Playing Wednesdays. Today I decided to leap back twenty years…wait, hold up. Twenty years? Seriously? *gets out the calculator* Yeah…1992 was twenty flippin’ years ago. That’s just wrong. I’m not supposed to be this old. I’m on the verge of having a nervous breakdown because I just realized I can remember when this band came out and everyone thought it was so awesome.

White Zombie, you know, Rob Zombie’s first band came out in the early 90s which is blowing my mind. I was in high school and thought I was hot shit. (Pardon my French) But then most teenagers think the same thing, so I’m sure y’all understand. Anyway, I had to get this album and I listened to it all the time. It was hard, wild and a little crazy. But I had no idea that Iggy Pop was in the video until today. That’s just cool.

Anyway, today’s song is Black Sunshine. Now I’ll go back to daydreaming about Ohio while I suffer through another HAZWOPER class. Think of me!


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