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RomantiCon: The Writers

I’m back again with another recap of RomantiCon 2012. Before I get to the meat of the post I have a special announcement. I worked my ass off to hunt track down each of EC’s cavemen to ask them one special question: Would they mind being interviewed here on my blog. And you know what they said? They’d love to! The things I do to try to make y’all happy. You want the sexy menz? I’m going to bring them to you, but you have to work for it first.

I’m giving you until Monday, October 22 to come up with some questions you’d like me to ask these wonderful men. And they are wonderful. Please leave your questions in the comments and I’ll compile them for the guys next week so we can all get to know the Cavemen a little better.

And now, the rest of the story…

I’ll admit to being a little concerned about this conference. No, I wasn’t expecting them to truss me up as some virgin sacrifice to one of their sexy cavemen…although that would have been awesome. It’s that whole “What if no one wants to be my friend?” feeling. Like you’re in high school all over again and praying you remembered to put deodorant on.

But it wasn’t like that at all. Mainly because I shared the shuttle with another writer who was attending their first RomantiCon. Sky Robinson was a blast to hang out with. This woman has a laugh that makes you hurt yourself laughing. It was a little less intimidating once you have someone, also new, to talk to because then you start branching out. Tentatively, yes, but by the time you leave the convention, you’re like “What’s up, hooker?” Or maybe that was just me.

Sitting with Sky is the mysterious A.M. Griffin who managed to nearly make me have an accident with her impression of the fine state of Oklahoma. Sorry, it’s an inside joke, but ask her about it if you ever meet her in person. You’ll probably hear a lot of laughing and denials.

I also got to meet Lea Barrymire and Erin Simone, two very lovely, witty ladies who left me in tears at times. In the picture below from left to right, Erin Simone, yours truly, Sky Robinson, A.M. Griffin, and Lea Barrymire. We had so much friggin’ fun, if we’d had anymore, I’m pretty sure we would’ve gone to jail.

There were also some authors who seemed to pop into the picture just to shake things up, but I never managed to get a candid of them. Shoshanna Evers is gorgeous and made me both relaxed and uncomfortable for reasons I’d rather not explain *cough*. Christine d’Abo is friggin’ hilarious and she was my Pro Football Hall of Fame buddy. Three hours of ogling Super Bowl rings, old football jerseys, helmets, shoes and all kinds of things forms a bond unlike any other. And I’m not even mentioning the hours we spent in the Pro Hall of Fame store.

Sasha Devlin is my sister from another mister. Actually, we’ve decided we’re formerly conjoined twins who were unevenly separated as she has the boobs and I got the booty. Francesca Hawley spent some time with us as well and helped me stay up so I wouldn’t miss my flight out on Monday morning. J.K. Coi, Cara McKenna Cristal Ryder, Cassandra Carr, um, um, um….Cara Carnes, um, there’s more! Regina Cole, Virginia Cavanaugh, Aline Hunter, man, the list just goes on and on.

Needless to say there were a lot of authors there who made me feel as though I was right at home. The fact they’re also connoisseurs of beautiful men makes it that much easier for us to get along.

Have you begun checking out flights and hotel reservations for RomantiCon 2013 yet? ūüėČ


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The Readers

I’m going to break RomantiCon down into different categories. I think it’d be easier to keep track of everything this way rather than me just tell y’all about each and every single moment of the convention. If you want to know what it’s like, seeing and feeling is believing. Aw yeah, you read me right.

Feeling. As in this convention has one thing no other convention I’ve been to had.¬† Sexy menz whose purpose was to make you feel…both uncomfortably excited and flustered and relaxed. The relaxing bit didn’t happen right away for me, but I’ll get to that in the Cavemen’s segment of the recap.

Ellora’s Cave has some of the most awesome readers ever. We’re talking people who like it dirty and raw and have no problem letting you know. They combed over the ballroom for hours, going back and forth between the authors and the cavemen. I really, really wish I had gone to this convention as a reader just once. Don’t get me wrong, when I saw Laurann Dohner and Jaid Black, I had a squee moment. As in, Oh My Gawd, that’s, that’s…you get the idea.

EC’s fans are great. They’re curious, open and so eager to get to know the writers they follow. By the way, I have a stalker.

These are two of the readers I got to spend a lot of time with over the weekend. They were great. That Cindy…OMG, you just don’t want to know. Don’t even ask, but needless to say I’ll never ever ever judge a book by its cover again.

Another great reader who was more than willing to talk about anything and everything under the sun. I got a lot of great ideas at this convention just from speaking with the readers.

Our table was made up of walking dead survivors. We were bad ass, okay? However, after getting a look at some of the cavemen zombies, I wouldn’t have minded them nibbling on me. Heh.

I don’t have a picture of me with Nikki Brandyberry on my camera, but it was fantastic to finally meet her. It’s always fun to meet up with people you’ve been talking with online and instantly recognize them. Of course it doesn’t hurt that she’s so darn cute.

Tomorrow’s going to be about the writers because I met some awesome ladies and men at this convention who’ll knock you on your ass with their books.

Stay tuned!



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It Was Inevitable

I was bound to blog at some point during my trip to Romanticon. I just didn’t think it’d be at 5 friggin’ thirty on Sunday morning after I partied hard all night. Warning: This blog post may contain illogical thought patterns and incorrect grammar, but my feet hurt and it’s my blog anyway and I can do whatever I want.

So…I’ve turned myself into the biggest liar ever. I came into this convention telling everyone “I don’t dance”…”Do you want to see an entire dance floor taken out?” and things like that, but I’ve apparently been taken over by someone who thinks they actually have rhythm. Yes. Are you freaking out? Because I was.

Thursday night was pretty sedate in my mind. There was some booty-bumping going on of which I may have been a part of.¬† May have. Friday night, however…Oh, Friday showed me a new side of myself. I’ve talked before about how Danica isn’t the same person who goes home to my family. Danica is the wild, socializing party girl who can talk to a wall if she has to. And that crazy woman was in full force the rest of the party.

I don’t have cables to post pictures yet, but uh if you’re easily offended, do not visit the rest of this week which is going to be Romanticon in review. Let me just say that I have had the most fun ever at a conference. I’ve attacked (in a good way), the art director at least three times and thanked her profusely for my covers. No, I wasn’t drunk when I did it. It’s been one hell of a time and I can’t wait to do it again next year.

Even though it might take that long to get my money-maker workin’ again. Cause yeah, I think I broke it at some point.


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RomantiCon Eve

I know today’s Wednesday which means What’s Playing, but I’m stoked about leaving for Ohio tomorrow. Seriously, y’all. I’ve already left and I’m winging my way…in my head. I still have a day of work, a night of Duck Dynasty¬†and last-minute packing to do, but I’m already enjoying the conference. Except in my dreams. Those are about my nephew’s radioactive incinerator in his apartment because he’s too cheap to pay for trash service. Don’t judge me! It was a dream!

I blame it on a combination of text taunts from him because his fantasy football team beat mine, HAZWOPER¬†training and Chantix. Why couldn’t I dream about the cavemen? Or the plot of the WIP¬†I haven’t touched in days? No, I dream about something like this. Hmph.

Anyway, I’m excited and I haven’t forgotten about October having a black theme for What’s Playing Wednesdays. Today I decided to leap back twenty years…wait, hold up. Twenty years? Seriously? *gets out the calculator* Yeah…1992 was twenty flippin’ years ago. That’s just wrong. I’m not supposed to be this old. I’m on the verge of having¬†a nervous breakdown because I just realized I can remember when this band came out and everyone thought it was so awesome.

White Zombie, you know, Rob Zombie’s first band came out in the early 90s which is blowing my mind. I was in high school and thought I was hot shit. (Pardon my French) But then most teenagers think the same thing, so I’m sure y’all understand. Anyway, I had to get this album and I listened to it all the time. It was hard, wild and a little crazy. But I had no idea that Iggy Pop was in the video until today. That’s just cool.

Anyway, today’s song is Black Sunshine. Now I’ll go back to daydreaming about Ohio while I suffer through another HAZWOPER class. Think of me!


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So Excited

And I just can’t hide it. You knew that was coming, didn’t you?

Well, I am. I leave Thursday for RomantiCon and it feels as though it’ll never get here. Friday evening, we had a baby reveal dinner when we learned the newest addition to the family is…Well, first let me just say they did it in such¬†a cute way. My nephew and his girlfriend went to the ultrasound and didn’t even know what they were having. They had the tech seal the ultrasound pictures, write the sex on a piece of paper and sealed that as well. They brought the envelope to a bakery and had cupcakes made. The inside of the cupcake would be either pink for a girl or blue for a boy. We waited through the entire dinner (which was LONG) to find out. Everyone else bit into their cupcakes. I took a knife to mine. I was the first person to go “Yay!” because the minute I opened the inside, I saw blue. We’re having a boy! Le sigh, I’m so happy for them.

I spent most of Saturday doing last-minute beautifying things like a mani-pedi. If only the softness from the foot massage¬†lasted more than two days, I’d feel like a princess. As it is, I’m back in steel toes today and I know by the time I make it to Ohio, I’ll have scaly feet again. *pout*

Sunday was my “Oh my god, what am I going to wear” day. I tried on two outfits, asked opinions and began packing. I refused to look at my dog as I filled my suitcase. She knows something’s going on though. She followed me back and forth to the closet, watched me fill my space saver bags, slide the extra swag I’m taking with me into compartments and yeah…I feel guilty as hell. I wouldn’t say she pines while I’m away. But when I get back, she always lets me know she isn’t happy with me. For at least a day, she’ll run away from me when I call her name and give me the cold paw when I go to pet her. *sigh* The drama I deal with!

And of course, I spent time with Bennett. He’s a little music monster. I had him in my lap and pulled up Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz¬†on my phone. The little punk took the phone away from me and did his version of a dance which is kind of a¬†mix of Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles with his hands in the air and my heavy phone dangled precariously from his little fingers. He loved it. Then I played Psy’s Gangnam Style¬†and he went insane. By the way, my Korean aunt was at the house and she explained Gangnam in South Korea means something very classy and expensive. As in, the average person could never afford it.

You learn something new every day.

So what did y’all do this weekend?


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Watch Out World

I feel kind of lost without my fantasy men on Fridays…I feel very lost. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped ogling them. Oh hells no. I’m trying to be legit, but I’m not stupid. I plan to sigh and drool over the man who’s going to appear on my Facebook page on Sunday.

In the meantime, I figured I’d give y’all a bit of an update on the family.¬† You know, those people who constantly provide me with inspirational material? Yeah, them. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, but my oldest nephew and his girlfriend found out they’re expecting. Yup, you guessed it. I’m going to be a great-aunt. And not just because of how awesome I am. I mention this because we find out tonight if they’re having a boy or a girl. I’m kind of hoping for a boy, but I’ll just be happy for whatever they give us.

It makes me feel old, to be completely honest. It seems like only yesterday I was changing this boy’s diaper and now he’s going to be a daddy. O.M.G. Seriously, y’all. Oh my God.

That poor baby.

This is the same boy who, at seven years old, went to school and told his class that his dad had been struck by lightning and was in the hospital. As usually happens when¬†tragedy strikes (no pun intended) a member of the class, they made a huge “get well soon” card for him to take home. He hid it behind the sofa. His mom, my sister who should be sainted because of those boys, didn’t even know he’d done this until the teacher asked her “how’s your husband doing?” Yeah, this didn’t end well for my nephew.

He’s the same child who, even now at the ripe age of 23, uses his puppy dog eyes and big pouting lips to get his way. Especially after he’s scared the holy hell out of my mom. He’ll sneak up behind her (nearly every time he visits) and leap out at her. Let’s just say Mom doesn’t need a stress test. She has Patrick who enjoys running around our house, his house, anyone’s house shrieking in this high-pitched tone that grates on your ears. I’m sure he doesn’t do that kind of stuff at his girlfriend’s house but you never know.

To imagine him with a baby…when I still see him as a baby, albeit a big one, just blows my mind. I have no doubt he’ll be a good dad, but that baby is going to end up just as twisted and weird as the rest of the family. Seriously, it’s a family trait to be slightly off-kilter. I don’t know a single member of my family who could be termed “normal”. Well, maybe my godson, but even he has his quirks. No, we’re all weird and it seems we’re multiplying.

Watch out world.

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New Career?

It’s been nearly two weeks since my last cigarette and I’ve started doing things a little differently. First of all, I haven’t written much of anything despite my good intentions in the evenings. Work has me stressed out to the max which means by the time I make it to my humble abode, I feel as though any attempt to look at a computer screen would result in my brain leaking out of my ears. So no, I haven’t written anything, but I am brainstorming. The weird, Chantix induced dreams have helped with that bit.

Now that I don’t smoke, I find myself singing more. I have a long drive in the mornings and afternoons and instead of puffing away on my cigarette, I flip through the radio stations to find songs to sing along with. The unfortunate side effect of this is that I can’t sing and I hurt my own ears which means I can only turn the music up louder to keep from hearing myself. Which means I then sing even louder.¬† Add to this my strange urge to listen to hip hop. That’s not a bad thing…unless you feel the need to dance while you’re listening to it…behind the wheel of a car going seventy plus…yeah, you see my problem?

Today feels like Friday for some reason, but that might just be wishful thinking.

Anyway, I stumbled across this funny video for a song I really like and thought I’d share it with y’all. It has nothing to do with What’s Playing Wednesdays despite the band’s name. I just thought the video concept was great and the song is wonderful. There’s something about this band that really draws me in. I think it has to be the singer’s voice combined with the distorted guitars, the lyrics and the almost old school rhythms. Whatever it is, I love The Black Keys and I hope you’ll like Tighten Up.


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Rebel Love Song

It feels funny not to have a book out this month. August and September were insane with blog tours, book releases, nerves, hospital visits…yeah, it was insane, but that’s what this writing gig is all about isn’t it?

I’m actually glad to have a few months off to rest and recuperate. Oh wait, I’m not going to be resting completely this month. Next week is RomantiCon which means this old lady won’t be going to sleep at 9 every night. Heh. But with those beautiful men to look at, who cares about sleep? Not me, that’s for sure.

So it’s October, which means Halloween and I’ve decided to go with a black theme for What’s Playing Wednesday this month. The songs will either have black in the band name or the song title. Today, we have Black Veil Brides (which I learned was another name for nuns. But these guys don’t look like nuns.) Their song Rebel Love Song is another one of those young lovers songs because you know, no one feels as intensely as the youth of the world.

I also happen to adore this song. It’s catchy, it’s fast, it’s passionate…okay, I sing my little heart out every time it comes on the radio. I hope you enjoy it!


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Primal Design Winner

I just realized I’m several days overdue on picking a winner for the adorably cuddly stuffed animal for my Primal Design giveaway.

In my defense, it’s been a very grueling week at work, not to mention an action-packed weekend. So without further ado…the winner is Susan W! I’ll email you and get your physical mailing address.

Short sweet posts are so much fun, aren’t they? If you’re looking for more prizes to win, don’t forget that over the next two weeks, Darker Temptations (a group blog made up of erotic romance authors) is holding a giveaway a day with different prizes ranging from swag to books to giftcards. Who wouldn’t like that? Be sure to stop by and say “hi”!

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Hello Monday

And October. Can you believe it’s already the 4th quarter of the year? I can’t. It seems as though we just entered 2012 and we’re nearly ready to wave goodbye to it and hello to 2013. Ooh.

I had a productive weekend. Got my hair done, had a girls lunch with my mom and sister, watched some football, wrote a little and even wrote my blog post for Darker Temptations. Do you remember that blog? If not, you definitely need to check it out. Especially if you’re interested in winning prizes. We’ve revamped the blog, added some new bloggers and a fantastic giveaway. We’re a group of erotic paranormal, sci-fi, futuristic and steampunk romance writers. Say that five times fast.

And to celebrate the grand reopening of the blog, we’re holding a two-week¬†giveaway. Yup, every day of the blog from October 1 through October 13 (excludes Sundays), there will be a prize to win. All winners will be announced on October 15th, which is the same day I come back from RomantiCon. Oh, RomantiCon. I can’t wait.

Of course there was some sad news this weekend as well. Angelo, one of Ellora’s Cave cavemen lost his life trying to do a good deed. I never got the chance to meet him, but he had a winning smile and the comments I’ve read from other Ellora’s Cave authors suggests he was a sweet, wonderful man. It’s such a shame his friends and family lost him so violently and my heart goes out to them.

*sigh* What a Monday.

How was your weekend?

Oh, and by the way, I’ve made it a full seven days without a cigarette. Woot!


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