Caveman Christian

It took us a little longer to get to this point than I’d anticipated, but here we are. A new week with a special twist. TWO men for you this week. Oh yes, you heard me. TWO sexy, interesting men to ease you into the start of holiday season.

It’s Monday. Boo. But, I have a special treat for y’all. Call it inspired, call it stalking, call it whatever you want, but I’m going to be putting the spotlight on real fantasy men. You heard me right! Over the next few weeks we’ll be spotlighting those hunky, muscled cover models for Ellora’s Cave.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet several of them and they’re the sweetest, most  flexible men you’d ever want to meet. Heh. Uh, I meant flexible in that they’re helpful…and other things. Oh I’m shutting up now.

Today we have the first of our Cavemen, Christian. I’ve had the great pleasure of seeing Christian in a loin cloth and peacock feathers. ‘Nuff said. Let’s hear from Christian. If you have any questions you’d like to ask him, do so in the comments. He’ll be stopping by periodically to answer them!

Danica: What’s your favorite/least favorite part of being a model/dancer?
Christian:  Looking at this question I’m realizing two things.. the first
one being that I guess I’m the only Caveman who  has never been
a dancer, which in turn leaves me with the second realization suddenly
of why those guys are such damn good dancers!  Honestly, when I first
heard the guys talking about La Bare, I thought they were talking
about some bear from France. So again, I have no experiences to pull
from as a dancer but I have plenty to pull from being a cover guy. My
first cover was the cover of IronMan Magazine in 1996 and the last one
I was on came out last month with roughly 450 covers in between that
Truthfully there are SO many “favorite” parts to love, I can’t pick
just one.  Being continuously on International covers gives you
opportunities that most people never realize exist, let alone never
As a trusted and recognizable face within the health and fitness
industry, I’ve been given the opportunity to travel all over the world
speaking on the benefits of health, fitness and a life I’m fortunate
enough to be living.
Meeting incredible people, like yourselves makes my life that much better.
So I guess to answer the question, the best part of being a cover
model for me is I get to travel the world, meet tons of interesting
people and I get paid to do it.

Danica: What were you like in high school? Jock? Nerd? Cheerleader? Teacher’s pet?
Christian: I was literally that quintessential skinny kid who got beaten up daily
for his $1.25 in lunch money.  Being the nerd of the school AND being
the focus of the school bully for years doesn’t exactly win you
friends OR girlfriends. At fifteen years old, I’d finally had
enough…so I ran away and never went back. From five years old and
until the day I left, I’d lived in Poplar Bluff, Missouri and I found
myself that junior year of high school in Fairfax, Virginia. It was
then that my life took a drastic departure from what I’d been used to.
Never really ever having new kids move into that tiny town I lived in,
I’d never witnessed what I now know to be the strange Universal law
that the “new kid” in school is automatically thrust into the school
lime lite, thus being thrust into “popularity” actually by default.
Ultimately it becomes your choice to either find a way to remain
popular or digress back to the shadows and the Land of Misfit Toys.  I
had never felt anything like “popularity” before…I liked it….and I
still do.

Danica: What’s one place in the world you’d like to visit and why?
Christian: The one place I’d like to visit is the Congo.  I really want to go
someplace as untouched by man as possible.  Personally, when I travel,
I like to live the the locals do. It’s the only way to truly experience their culture.  Eating at KFC in Bali, Indonesia just doesn’t feel quite right.

Danica: Do you have a favorite band? One you’d like to see live in concert?
Christian: Depending on my mood, my preference for a favorite band changes. I’ve always liked Nickelback and havent had the opportunity to see them in
concert yet…so I guess today it’s Nickleback!   🙂

Danica: What made you want to become a Caveman?
Christian: You know, I didn’t realize how cool it is to be a Caveman until after
I’d already become one.  Six years ago my good friend and photographer
extraordinaire, Syneca Featherstone, introduced me to Ellora’s Cave
and all the wonderful and interesting people who ARE Ellora’s Cave.
It was and always still is fun and exciting to venture into the sexy
kinky world E.C. and you guys, the readers, the authors, and the fans
have created. I love people who aren’t afraid to speak their
minds…and from the few things I’ve read coming out of Ellora’s Cave
Publishing, you guys have no problem saying exactly what you want to.
I like that!

1. Beach or Mountains? Beach
2. Boxers, briefs, commando? All three, depending on the situation and my mood
3. Favorite movie? Conan the Barbarian (with Arnold Schwarzenegger) is the movie that changed my life so from a sentimental standpoint, it’s that one BUT I LOVE the movie The Fountain…and Love Actually…shit, do I really only get to  pick one??
4. Favorite food? Italian
5. What kind of cologne do you wear? It’s called Scent, by Christian Boeving

This is for Cristal: How do you feel about Canadian women?
I LOOOOOOVE Canadian women!  It’s one of the few places on the earth
where the beauty of the place (at least Vancouver and a few other
places I’ve been to) matches the beauty of the women, both inside and
out. I’m not sure if it’s something in the water they drink, the
purity of the environment or the fact that “eh” is an actual word that
they use but Canada, I LOVE YA!!

Now for the fan question:
Caveman Fan asks: She has a copy of your Playgirl spread. Will you sign it for her?
And yes, I’d be happy to sign that for her.   🙂

Um…*drags her gaze away from the picture* Uh. Thanks, Christian! Uh. he…I think he had a question for y’all about book covers. What do y’all want/like to see on a book cover? What do you hate?

Now y’all, its your turn to ask him some questions. He didn’t seem fazed at all when I warned him y’all might try to make him blush. Julianne, I’m talking to you! So go for it. He’s going to be popping back on the blog Monday and Tuesday to make up for the technical difficulties that’s plagued his interview, so take advantage of him.  I mean, of his uh, generosity 😉


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75 responses to “Caveman Christian

  1. Here I am! Canadian woman that loves being loved by a Caveman! eh. lol. Was great to meet you at RomantiCon 😉 I also like Nickelback and won’t apologize for it, turn it up loud, open the car windows and let the wind whip the hair. Okay then, as I also try and pull my gaze from the last pic *fans self*, when was this Playgirl; spread, Christian? I think I need to go on a search and find mission.
    Until RomantiCon13 *cyber hugs and smcooches*

  2. I’m so glad your computer issues have been resolved! We were salivating… no, really, on Friday. But, no better way to start the week than a sexy, nearly naked hunk! LOL

    Here’s my question: Do you have a favorite embarrassing or funny moment from a photo shoot?

      • Christian

        In the beginning of my career and up to that point in my life, I wasn’t used to not only seeing but touching, holding and pressing tightly up against all of the women I’d only seen in the pages of Playboy or one of my favorite fitness magazines. Bob Kennedy, considered by most to be one of the true fathers of bodybuilding and fitness, considered by me to be that but also a dear friend, gave me a piece of advice once that would change my live as a model forever. He said, “Christian, what I look for in a cover is sexual chemistry. I wanna think the second they wrapped that shoot, the models on the cover went off to screw eachother’s brains out. I want to see that “look” in your eyes and in your body language”. I guess my “body language” included a raging hard on in which I was not in control of. I tried everything…thinking of my grandmother naked, thinking of my own mother naked…nothing worked. So…I guess having a boner pretty much constantly for the first two years I worked as a model was just one big embarrasing moment.

      • I was NOT expecting that response!

      • Err, me either. So not expected but very visually pleasing I must say. I think I might just have my 2nd story Danica 😉
        Thanks for the plot bunny Christian.

  3. Glad to see that the technical issues have been resolved! Inquiring minds want to know if you are a breast or butt man. It’s Monday morning and I need to start it off right. BTW I’m good for both areas (just in case you were wondering).

  4. Sasha Devlin

    This was definitely worth the wait. I can forgive you for liking Nickelback but not for getting them stuck in my head.

    As for what I like on a cover, I’m partial to the cover clench & the intense stare, give me both & watch me melt.

    Any guilty pleasures? What’s the craziest thing you’ve had to do as a cover model?

    • Christian

      I guess the craziest thing I’ve ever been asked to do was climb the front of the New York New York hotel and casino in Las Vegas for a photo shoot dressed up as the comic book character The Punisher. Within minutes the police had arrived as we had no permits to shoot there…

  5. Hmm. My fellow authors have brought their “A” game on this Monday morning. I’ll have to think of a good question…
    So in the meantime I’ll tell you what I like to see on a book cover. In general I like more interpretative covers than the obvious ones. I write sports romances and I don’t find it necessary to have a puck, a stick, a hockey helmet, and a goal on the cover. The readers can figure out a lot of that stuff on their own and it clutters up the look.
    And because I still don’t have a good question I’ll admit you shocked me and made me blush when you laid one on me at Bingo. I think I’m pretty glad I don’t have a picture of my red face. It’s not easy to either shock me OR make me blush, so bravo to you!
    Oh, I’ve got a question: What’s your favorite way to work out? And yes, sex is an acceptable answer.

    • Christian

      Well I’m happy to have been the one to make you blush. I also agree, a little mystery is a good thing…but then again, full frontal ain’t so bad either. Lol

      What’s my favorite way to work out? Well since I have to keep my muscles big, I need to work out with heavy weights…but sex afterwards is a great cool down…or warm up, depending…

  6. What a way to start the week! LOVE THE GLASSES! Thank you Danica and Christian for taking the time to entertain us. As someone who’s had the good luck to be hugged by you, Christian, I can say that Scent, by Christian Boeving is a sexy fragrance.
    My question is, where is you favorite place to take a date? (Please don’t say the gym.) 🙂
    My answer to your question about what I want to see on covers is. ME! But since no one would buy that book. I will have to say. I like the covers that just have the guy on them. If a woman has to be on the cover I would like to see someone with more than 2% body fat with no silicone enhancements.

    • Christian

      My favorite place to take a date, varies, depending on the kind of woman I’m with. I love sushi, personally, and if she does too I have the best place no one has ever heard of. As it’s on the beach, a stroll down to a little cafe to have some coffee or a drink to keep the conversation going because yes, I must admit I’m BIG on good conversation. How compatible am I with this woman will play a big role in how sexually attracted to her I am, ultimately.
      I’m also a big fan of musical theatre so if a good show is in town, its a safe bet I’ll take her there, IF she’s that kind of girl.

      • I’m having a girly moment. If I could write the prefect date for me, that would be it. 🙂

      • Jordan Ashley

        Musical theater?! OMG I think I just fell in love a little! LOL The guy I’m really in love with just introduced me to “my fair lady” before Romanticon. I love that movie.

      • Sushi? *snaps head up* I’m an addict so if you took me to a good sushi place, especially if we got ice cream and took a walk afterward…yeah, I’d be a little puddle at your feet by the end of the night.

  7. Sky Robinson

    I’m too out of it still to think of any good questions, but I will be over here drooling over the pics 🙂

  8. I forgot to mention the glasses. A hot man in glasses… *wipes up drool*

    • Sasha Devlin

      Yep. Still flushed over the glasses pic. Yowza!

      I know it’s early but will you be at Romanticon 13?

      Let’s play make believe for a moment, you’re forced to go to my Halloween Bash, what’s you’re costume?

      • Christian

        I’m not sure about Romanticon 13 yet, but I hope so.
        Hmmmm, what’s my costume…I’d say either Adam ( brother to Eve ) or Strawberry Shortcake.

  9. I’m with Heidi on the cover bit. Just the guy is fine with me (and it has gotten me to purchase more books that way!). I love butt shots, but abs work for me, too.

    My question for Christian – How often (hours/day & days/week) do you have to work out to keep looking so hot?

  10. Awesome interview! I learned a lot, thank you, Christian for participating and thank you Danica for having him here! Hugs to all.

  11. Thank you Christian and Danica for this awesome interview! Nickleback is my favorite band too. They’re currently pounding out a beat in my headphones.

    I missed Romanticon this year and seriously hope you’ll be there next year because I *am* going. Nothing would make me happier than knowing you’ll be there next year.

    As for covers, I love a cover with a man from mid-thigh on up. I have a ridiculous thing for your…I mean, um…pecs and abs. (fans self) The valleys and ridges make me want to do things that can’t be printed here without Danica having to change her blog to adult only. I agree that it’s frustrating to always see the ultra thin, silicone-enhanced female because not all women look like that. Of course, not all men look like *you* (sad, isn’t it?) but we’re catering to a traditionally female fan base–give us a more traditional woman to enhance the fantasy.

    Now for my question: You have a weekend away in a beach house on the Outer Banks–let’s say, Rodanthe–with a woman (and I’d volunteer–big grin). How are you going to spend your time?

    • Christian

      Hi Denise, let’s see…firstly I hope to see all of you at Romanticon next year too! As long as I’m not out of the country on a movie set AND as long as Ellora’s Cave asks me back, I’ll be there!! 🙂
      Secondly, you ask how I would spend a few “Nights in Rodanthe” with my lady? Well, as I remember it (it HAS been a while though), Rodanthe is quite rustic, beachy and obviously very beautiful as its one of the top destination spots for weddings…which I’d be willing to bet you already knew, you crafty girl. In a sentence…romantic walks on the sprawling beaches, sex, kayaking together along the ocean’s surf, sex, lunching on local seafood and a good white wine, a quickie (because the sun will be setting and we don’t want to miss the dinghy for our… dinner on our private yacht being served by Wolfgang Puck himself as we travel along the coastline to Nags Head and back and of course…well, you know.

      • Well, I just licked my computer screen. That’s a first.

        I’ll be seeking a hug from those magnificent arms next year (please, God). And don’t be mad if I sniff you, okay? Scent has me looking to order it already.

        And I love kayaking. Oh, and sex. 😀

        Lascivious hugs,

  12. Julianne

    Hi Christian! I loved all the great hugs from you over the Romanticon weekend! I can still feel them. 🙂 Oh and you smelled good enough to lick!
    I like Nickelback as well, but have never seen them in concert. Hey Danica, are you sure Christian is ready for my questions?? I’m asking because inquiring minds want to know.
    Christian, do you prefer your women to be shaved or unshaved?
    Do you have a favorite kink?
    If your date had piercings that were hidden from view, then slowly revealed, would they turn you on or off?
    And, if you’re at romanticon next year, I’ll let you know who asked these questions. 🙂
    Since I buy most of the books I read by cover appeal, I prefer covers that show a lot of skin, well defined abs, muscled arms, chiseled chest, unbuttoned jeans on lean hips, I don’t mind a woman on the cover with the guy, but she should not be the focal of the cover, he should.

  13. Jenny Karlsson

    Hi Christian,
    I just love that final picture with the glasses, incredibly hot. No photoshop (it seems) and I like you the better for allowing such a photo to be published.
    It’s one year till the next Romanticon. Will you be featured in any publcations, TV shows or movies the next few months? What’s the best website to find loads of photos of you?

  14. Hi Christian and Danica, Favorite covers, where the male and female are equals, turning each other on. As to my question, I’m sitting out here on the east coast, hurricane winds outside, rain pounding against the roof, lights flickering on the inside. What are your must haves when the lights go out, the phone turns off, and the rooms in your house are the only places you can go?

  15. Thanks so much for the fabulous interview, Christian. You are my new goddess for setting these interviews up, Danica. Some awesome questions have already been asked. I’m still drooling over the musical. And the conversation. Oh yeah, and the glasses.

    Okay my question….Hmm…. Let’s say that you’re going to be trapped forever on a deserted island with the woman of your dreams. You get to take one sex toy and one personal item of your choice. What would you take and why? (Sorry, my inner baddie refused to NOT ask a question that circled back to sex after that pic) 🙂

  16. Great interview. I can just imagine that sexy voice of Christian😊 Great ahem pics of him too in his birthday suit. LOL. Can’t wait to see the second interview…


    Erin Simone, Author

  17. Christian, you must come to Romanticon 2013! I posed for a picture with you Thurs. night at this past one, and I’m thinking what a sweet guy. I should have taken the time to get to know you so I was glad to read this interview. Love the picture with the glasses. Glasses are sexy (at least I hope so because I wear them).
    -Afton Locke, author

  18. Jenny Karlsson

    The photo with the glasses – and nothing else – beats about every other photo I saw.

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