RomantiCon: The Men

That’s what you were waiting to find out about anyway, wasn’t it? Just those sexy, studly men in their tight jeans or those black pants they wore for the Fever dance number. *swoons* Holy cow. Holy. Cow. I have no doubt that by the time this conference ended, the readers and authors were a little ab-dazed. You know, from staring at six-packs for four solid days, being close to those said abs, maybe even touching them.

Hell, I’m about to swoon again.

I was scared to death the first 24 hours of that conference. It’s hard for me to explain. I love the menz. I love looking at the menz, the more muscles the better. Yet seeing men in that kind of physical condition in person is a lot different from seeing them on television or the big screen. My sister-in-law will attest to the amount of noise I made for Magic Mike. She said “You moaned the entire time!” Can you just about imagine what it was like to walk among these guys? To take pictures with them?

‘Scuse me for a moment while I get a bib.

This was my face of terror. Sheer terror.

They’re total sweethearts. That’s probably worst than them being arrogant, good-looking guys. At least if they were assholes I could turn off the fangirlness. But they were darling and nice. Damn them. No, they were great. When they talked to you, it was as though you were the only woman there. That’s a gift we can’t let other men know about because god help us if they discover the cavemen’s secret weapons: attentiveness and confidence.

There’s even more terror now, but I think I’m too hidden by muscled bodies to see it.

This is Nick in a lewd pose with his statue.

There was Nick who won Alpha Caveman. He was the Zumba dancing, dimple flashin’ (the ones on his face, haha) sweetie pie. He was everywhere I looked, dancing, smiling, charming the ladies. Le sigh, he let me sniff him. He smells delicious by the way.

This is the only picture I took without blinking. I have sensitive pupils!

Ryan, the South African hunk who reminded me of Thor while he was wearing his Spartan costume *swoon*, turned out to be a talented artist. He’s got this amazing Sith African accent that reminds me of Cade from Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark and I do love me some Cade. Yowsa.

Bryan, a tall, lean drink of water with heavenly blue eyes, had a smile that made me want to blush even as he made me feel at ease with him. I think he was the tallest of the cavemen. If I’m wrong, someone feel free to correct me. With a spanking, but it seemed as though all of the tall readers and authors gravitated toward him. I did too but only because I’m an equal opportunity groper. Heh.

After this dance I was kind of like ‘yeah, I can handle this’.

Georgio, oh Georgio, wherefore art thou Georgio. I have a severe crush on him. It’s because he spanked me. *shrug* So I’m easy. I never said I wasn’t. Spank me, pound and grind against me like a beast in full rut and I’ll love you for life. Oh and do it all with a thick, Hungarian accent and hello, nurse!

He’s looking for someone to snack on. *bounces up and down in her chair*

Then there was Eli. I kept telling everyone I wanted to fold him up and put him in my pocket he was so darling and innocent looking. That was until I saw him give the lap dance instructor a lap dance. Yes, he gave that woman the kind of dance I’m sure will stick with her for the rest of her life. Ay yi yi!  Sneaky man. His secret weapon is his seeming innocence which he uses to lure the womenz to him. Gotta love it.

 I ended up talking with Justin for a long time about his book, his life. He’s a very fascinating man. Add in the fact that he has  muscles on top of muscles, a beautiful smile and yeah, I was staring at him. And trying not to think about him sitting in my lap. Then you throw Taylor Cole in the mix and you have a lethal combination. *fans herself* Oh yes, Taylor has this sly smile like he knows things. Lots of things and if you peeked into his mind you’d probably cream your panties. Uh-huh. Texas boys…gotta love them.

Taylor Cole is on the left and Justin is on the right. Their book, Take It Off, is something else!

Am I finished yet? No! Because there were a few men I didn’t get the chance to talk to, but who were definitely heavenly to look at and watch dance. Did I mention these guys could dance like nobody’s business? They could and they were amazing at it. Ace took over the dance floor every time he showed up. This man has moves that made me wonder if he even had vertebrae because god knows I would’ve thrown my back out doing anything he did. As it is, I think Georgio attempted to break my money-maker with his super-sonic hip thrusting skills. *cough* David was simply beautiful. Ay yi yi…I’m biting my knuckle because yeah…oh wow. Thick eyelashes, a beautiful tan, gorgeous body and a smile that could knock a woman sideways. And lest I forget Cole, he was another one of the cute ones who made me want to take him home with me. I wouldn’t have violated him. Honest. At least I’m sure I wouldn’t have unless he happened to give me a shy smile. Then it would be on.

*sigh* So many men, so many men. Did you know they’re going to be visiting my blog over the next few weeks? Oh yes, you know Danica was working her mojo and getting email addresses, facebook accounts…phone numbers. For work! Honestly. Maybe. Ahem.

I hope y’all are ready because while RomantiCon is over for a year, the cavemen are still around, looking sexy, buff and moving in ways that have to be illegal in at least 32 states.


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28 responses to “RomantiCon: The Men

  1. LisaLee

    Danica Avert you did an AWESOME job covering the Cavemen from RomantiCon! The post was great and your “commentaries” were hilarious, my dear!!
    What I needed…a fan to help me stay cool and not get to HOT! They were HOT HOT HOT but they were also gentlemen and very attentive to ALL the ladies there! DO NOT let their secret out shhh! I wont say anything either!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your award!!! Very well deserved my friend!!

  2. Stacy McKitrick

    I like how the people around you (in that picture you’re “dancing”) act like that kind of stuff happens all the time! Forget snapshots. I want me some video! Something to think about next year, huh?

  3. Loved it!!!! You have a way with words. Maybe that’s why you are such a good author….xx

  4. Danica, this transported me back to a week ago. I’m in serious withdrawal *cries* and I wanna go back! I so love all the pics of these great guys. I have some, but not as many as I would like. Next year will be totally different. I’ll not be so shy *cough*. As you said Danica, the first 24 hours I was close to terrified.
    Look out boyz!

  5. ROFLMAO! Fabulous post, and right on target.

  6. It’s like ab withdrawals when I come home every year. I need a 12-step program, quick.

    Hugs and great meeting you!

    • Gawd, yes. I’ve even started looking around my work place to see if anyone can come close to those physiques. Sadly they can’t. *sigh* Great meeting you, Mari!

      • My workplace does. They work out daily, but alas, are never without shirts. Nice forearms and some with tats, but no bare chests.

      • Where do you work again? LOL. I see a lot of men in hard hats and safety glasses, some coast guard guys…but my favorite are when the men wear those safety harnesses that outline their crotches…oy vey

  7. They HAD to inspire many more heroes,(and villains), in many more stories with all those writers around…and , btw;if my husband asks, I wasn’t here and I didn’t read a thing!

  8. Police. The Tac team workout in the gym. One time they had to do a cell “extraction” I kinda walked into them as I rounded the corner while they were psyching up for it. “go get him boys” I say and sashay through the uniformed, face masked, helmeted, shield holding hotties. Hey, now there’s a plot.

  9. I’m going next year, damn it. And every one of those beautiful men better be there. My EC submission is a Christmas menage, so it won’t be out. But I’m still going. Might as well break a virgin, er, EC author in right. Any takers, Cavemen? Because I’m all about that breaking in period. You know. First five thousand miles and all. Fortunately, my odometers at zero and I like a long, slow ride. 😉

    Damn it, Danica. Now you’ve got *me* drooling and propositioning strangers. Cut it out. I need words tonight.

    Thanks for the delicious post.

  10. So long as it wasn’t my boobage. I want to surprise a Caveman or twenty with my wily breastess. 😀

  11. Loved this! My first 24 hours were filled with awe as well. How quickly I got used to seeing ripped abs everywhere. 😉

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