RomantiCon Eve

I know today’s Wednesday which means What’s Playing, but I’m stoked about leaving for Ohio tomorrow. Seriously, y’all. I’ve already left and I’m winging my way…in my head. I still have a day of work, a night of Duck Dynasty and last-minute packing to do, but I’m already enjoying the conference. Except in my dreams. Those are about my nephew’s radioactive incinerator in his apartment because he’s too cheap to pay for trash service. Don’t judge me! It was a dream!

I blame it on a combination of text taunts from him because his fantasy football team beat mine, HAZWOPER training and Chantix. Why couldn’t I dream about the cavemen? Or the plot of the WIP I haven’t touched in days? No, I dream about something like this. Hmph.

Anyway, I’m excited and I haven’t forgotten about October having a black theme for What’s Playing Wednesdays. Today I decided to leap back twenty years…wait, hold up. Twenty years? Seriously? *gets out the calculator* Yeah…1992 was twenty flippin’ years ago. That’s just wrong. I’m not supposed to be this old. I’m on the verge of having a nervous breakdown because I just realized I can remember when this band came out and everyone thought it was so awesome.

White Zombie, you know, Rob Zombie’s first band came out in the early 90s which is blowing my mind. I was in high school and thought I was hot shit. (Pardon my French) But then most teenagers think the same thing, so I’m sure y’all understand. Anyway, I had to get this album and I listened to it all the time. It was hard, wild and a little crazy. But I had no idea that Iggy Pop was in the video until today. That’s just cool.

Anyway, today’s song is Black Sunshine. Now I’ll go back to daydreaming about Ohio while I suffer through another HAZWOPER class. Think of me!


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2 responses to “RomantiCon Eve

  1. Tina B

    Funny post. I, too, cannot believe that the “90’s” was 20 years ago! I am so feeling old.
    Love Rob Zombie. 🙂
    Have fun at your conference!

  2. I remember when I would ask my mother when something had occurred and she’d say,”Not long ago; ten years maybe” and I’d go ballistic! “10 years is a along time!” Not anymore, huh?
    (And if you think you feel old now…LOL!)
    I love your dream…sounds like something from a story in Azimov’s Science Fiction Magazine. I hope they settle down more for you, though.
    Good for you that you are still on Chantix, that is a good sign.
    Have a good time in Ohio; I like Cincinnati when I get there.

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