The End of Fantasy Man Fridays

It’s Friday and while I’m happy the end of this week from Hell is over (quit smoking and next thing you know the world goes crazy), I have a few announcements to make. First, I’d like to mention that there’s still time to enter the Primal Design release day giveaway! And, if you’d like a chance to win an plethora of prizes, we’ve revitalized the Darker Temptations blog with new authors and to kick it off we’re holding giveaways with tons of prizes up for grabs. The grand re-opening begins Monday, October 1 and I hope to see some of you there!

And now for the bad news…

I’m so very sad to announce that there will be no more Fantasy Man Fridays. It’s something I’ve been seriously considering after reading this blog where an author was sued for posting pictures on her blog that were under copyright protection.

I haven’t had that problem. I’ve been very lucky, but I would like that luck to continue and that means I’ll have to stop posting fantasy men here on the blog. However, like a lot of authors are doing, I’ll probably put pictures I like on Facebook if you’re interested in looking at them there.

I can’t really complain about photographers wanting to stop people from using their pictures. Authors see the same thing with their books that are illegally downloaded every day. It’s a battle I’ve fought and struggle against constantly. In the world of the world wide web, things can be easily mistaken for free for use when that isn’t the case.

As such, all pictures will be yanked from my blog. I apologize for the loss of the gorgeous menz, but I definitely don’t want to violate someone’s hard work. And it must be hard work rubbing those men down with oil, positioning them just so and taking picture after picture of them in various seductive poses. Man, I totally chose the wrong industry to go into. Maybe it’s time for a complete change. I’ll go from Danica Author of Erotic Paranormal Romance with a touch of Cajun spice, to Danica Naughty Photographer of Sexy Menz…

I hope you’ll still stop by to visit without the handsome men!

Happy Friday, everyone. Close your eyes and picture your favorite fantasy man…that’s the best I can do 🙂


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4 responses to “The End of Fantasy Man Fridays

  1. 😦
    I understand. I pulled everything from mine too except for my book covers, which I felt were safe. It’s sad. Good thing writers have good imaginations.
    Thanks for the years of Friday guys.
    Cheers, Kelly

  2. I am glad that you are (possibly) erring on the side of caution, Danica.I am a supporter of copyrights;I’d be madder’n heck if someone used something of mine without permission.However…I always enjoy a good-looking man…when I dream,I dream of my husband and I am never sure…should I consider it be ‘sweet’, or is it more than likely ‘pathetic’?!

  3. Stacy McKitrick

    Take lots of pictures of those cave men and post those every Friday! Better than nothing.

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