Fantasy Man Friday

This week was much more pleasant than last week, but I’m still glad it’s Friday.

After having a near nervous breakdown with book 3 of my Cajun Heat series and speaking with the awesome Jillian Chantal, I think I’ve finally figured out who my characters are. Jillian, I’m sorry, but I ended up changing my mind about my heroine. Again, but talking with you did stir up my brain and give life to my newest idea. Yay!

By the way, any aspiring writers out there? You need to have a writing buddy to bounce ideas off of. It doesn’t have to be your critique partner or your beta reader. It can just be someone who understands how impossible it feels when you get stuck. That’s priceless.

Now that the serious part of today’s program is over, let’s move on to the fun stuff. I’m still in the middle of the blog tour for Primal Song, so if you’d like to win prizes and learn more about Daisy and Ram, head on over to my contests page for a list of places I’ll be throughout September. God…it’s already September. Where did the year go? Meh.

And in only a couple of weeks, book two of the Cajun Heat series, Primal Design is coming out. Yay! Is it weird that my mom is waiting to read that book before she moves on to a new series? She really liked Primal Song which kind of surprised me until she said she skipped over all the sex scenes. That actually made me feel a little better. Of course, she did tell me she blushed throughout her reading of Immortal Love. Heh. That cracks me up.

But I know for a fact that although she gets embarrassed reading about the sexy men I have in my books, she adores Fantasy Man Friday. So for her and all of you secret perverts out there, here’s today’s man:

I could say soo many things having to do with balls, but I won’t. I swear. Although I kind of already did, didn’t I? Heh. I could say this is in honor of football season starting, but to be honest, I didn’t even notice the football until the second or third or fourth look…

Happy Friday! Have a fun and safe weekend 🙂


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2 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Thanks for the shout-out and I’m always glad to help get the creativity going- I was looking at the conversation as a jumping off point (and not off a bridge, my non-suicidal friend) – glad you got inspired. Love that I could help in a small way.

    Thanks for the man of the day. Football? What football?

  2. I didn’t notice the football until you MENTIONED the football!

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