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Fantasy Man Friday

Another week has ended and I’m sure we’re all breathing a sigh of relief strong enough to rival a hurricane.

I had a good week. Good because I got the edits back on Primal Design (Cajun Heat 2) and they weren’t as awful as I thought they’d be. That’s one of my biggest worries when I get the “dreaded” edits in my email. How bad is it going to be? Will I want to curl into a ball and cry for Mama because they’re awful? Turns out they were good. A few plot problems here and there, a few spots that needed clarification, oh and a here/hear issue that made me want to slap myself.

It’s easy to do. I think. I get caught up in the scene and my fingers will fly over the keyboard. And apparently I can’t spell when that happens. What made me want to slap myself though is that I didn’t catch the problem during my editing and revising stage before sending it to my editor. It was one of those head slap moments that will ensure I never do it again.

But today’s Friday and it’s the start of my blog tour blitz. I’m over at Close Encounters with the Night Kind with a book review. This is a massive tour and there’ll be several goodies up for grabs. From backlist books to Primal Song swag, it’ll be an almost nonstop party. I hope y’all will stop over to learn more about Ram and Daisy and the world of the Cajun Heat series!

And now for the very special part of Fridays. The Fantasy Man (echo of manmanmanman).

Hello, rock star! I don’t know if he’s a rock star, but he looks it, doesn’t he? The tattoos, the hard body and he’s teasing us with it all. If only he’d just drop the damn pants! *goes back for several more looks* Yummy…pardon me while I wipe away the drool.

*several minutes later* Oops. I was mesmerized by his abs…among other things. Heh.

Happy Friday! Have a safe and fun weekend!


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Saber Inspiration #3

We’re in the third week of our Saber theme. I’ve taken part in so many interviews and answered so many questions in preparation of Primal Song’s blog tour, I feel even closer to the characters in my story than I did when I was writing it.

The town of Maison Rouge, Louisiana is a close-knit community and one I easily identify with. When I watched the video for today’s song, at first I was leery about posting it. I don’t condone stealing and stuff. In fact, it pisses me off like nothing else. However, there are some clips in the video, especially the scenes with the band, that reminded me of my wilder college days. Not that we did anything truly nuts. Unless you call roaming the streets on a golf cart at three in the morning, or tossing old Christmas trees on our bonfire nuts.

It was the bonfire in the video that made me think of those days. It was all about just hanging out with my friends, drinking, talking, feeding the fire, and discussing our future. We weren’t into blatantly breaking any laws. Okay, so there was that one time we were shooting fireworks after midnight, but it’s the country!

When I came up with the band, Saber, I thought about the kind of music they’d play. I knew it would be hard rock and decided they’d be more of a down to earth band, one who plays songs people can connect with. Songs about the everyday struggle in life. Hellyeah kind of has that vibe to them. They have that new Southern rock thing going on that I love so much. I like to think of it as a modern version of Lynard Skynard or .38 Special. This song is called “Hell of a Time”.

Remember, I do not condone the activity taking place in this video. Heh

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They’re Over

I’m not an athletic person, but I love to watch sports. The Olympics, Summer and Winter, are like Heaven for me. I’ve spent the last two weeks glued to the television as much as possible, watching as many events as I could and now they’re over.

*sniff* I’m sad, although I will say London put on one hell of a closing ceremony. I loved it. Of course, they played some of my favorite songs. If I cried while John Lennon’s “Imagine” was playing, that’s because I’m a sap. I sang along with Russell Brand and the Kaiser Chiefs who did a great remake of “Pinball Wizard”. I jammed out with George Michael and did a little sofa techno dancing when Fat Boy Slim popped up.

But it was this moment that I think I enjoyed the most:

I love Monty Python and was thinking right before this performance, “Why aren’t they doing anything by the guys? They’re as British as they come!” and then Eric Idle falls out of the cannon with “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. I was whistling and singing along. My cat didn’t appreciate it at all.

I can’t remember enjoying an Olympics as much as I did this one. From our amazing athletes to the inspirational stories of these hard-working Olympians, I’ve never appreciated a summer games more. And no, I didn’t spend the entire¬†time ogling the male athletes. I did actually watch the events.

Did you watch the games or were you inconvenienced by them? What was your favorite story?


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Fantasy Man Friday

Has it already been a week since Primal Song came out? So much has happened since then, it’s hard to wrap my mind around it. Not that I’m complaining because it’s Friday. I’m thrilled to get to the weekend because the out-patient surgery I had is still kicking my ass.

But rather than bore you with my aches and pains, I’ll move to the most important part of Fridays here on Unearthly Musings. The sexy men.

That’s right. Just because I’d prefer to stay home in my pjs and sleep or read doesn’t mean I can’t admire a sexy man. In fact, a sexy, half-naked man sometimes makes my aches and pains go away. That’s why I’ve spent so much time watching the Olympics. Heh. No, that isn’t a hint about today’s man.

But I’m almost positive he’d win gold in his event, don’t you?

If the event is Standing Around Naked and Looking Sexy, he’d win hands down. What are y’all thinking? 9? 9.5? We could tell if he were turned toward the camera, but this sexy beast is playing hard to get. And I’ll let you draw your own conclusions as to what the numbers are for. Heh.

Happy Friday.


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Saber Inspiration #2

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet. I’m coming off of a minor surgery and not up to sitting in front of a computer for very long.

Saber is a hard rock band. They’ve done and seen things we can only imagine. So to honor that, I had to pull up this awesome AC/DC song. I love their music back when they had Bon Scott and it doesn’t hurt that the song has bagpipes. Bagpipes in a rock song. Hello, Awesome!

So enjoy “It’s A Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll)” and imagine it’s the theme song for five cat shifter rock stars as they roll into a small, south Louisiana town. They might have done a lot but nothing could prepare them for a little Cajun hospitality.


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Release Day Fantasy Man

Today isn’t our average Friday. Oh no, it’s Release Day for Primal Song! Wooooooooo! Can you hear me screaming from there? Seriously, y’all, I am hyped up, ready to get this show on the road.

Why do I suddenly have the urge to say, “We love you Detroit! Goodnight!” Heh. I guess the guys from Saber (my fictional band) have influenced me more than I realized.

*calms down* Okay, that isn’t working. I’m giddy. I love release days. It’s one of the best highs of being a writer. You work for months on a story, polish it until it shines and let it go. Fly, be free, little book! And you pray it doesn’t take a nosedive. But even that fear adds its own weird rush to the joy of having a new book out.

When I got the release date, I looked at the calendar and thought, “How cool is that? It’s coming out on a Friday!” And we all know what Fridays are about here on Unearthly Musings. The menz. Fridays are about sexy menz and their sexy bodies and their ripped abs and bulging um, everything heh.

So I found a man who closely resembles what I imagine Ram to look like. You probably think he’s all golden blond hair and all, but he isn’t. This is what I picture him like when he’s trying to seduce Daisy:

Oh yeah…nom, nom, nom, gimme some! Daisy is a lucky witch to have this hunk of gorgeous to come home to. Well, once they work out their problems, but wouldn’t you give things a shot if you had this man waiting for you, all sexy rock star and testosterone? Hell, I’m not sure I’d ever leave him alone. I’d be all grabby hands and drool. Okay, maybe not the drool…unless he was doing a Magic Mike dance for me. Then it’s on!

Happy Friday y’all. If you get the chance, check out my release day party over at Close Encounters with the Night Kind and enter to win prizes! Unfortunately, this guy is not part of the giveaway. Even if I did have him to give away, I certainly wouldn’t. Heh.


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Saber Inspiration Song #1

So as most of y’all know, the first book in my Cajun Heat series, Primal Song comes out on Friday. I’ve been giddy for at least two weeks. It doesn’t seem real that this book found a home at such an amazing publishing house, but it has and I couldn’t be happier.

Even better, I was able to tell a story about two characters who at turns frustrated me and amused me. Daisy and Ram shouldn’t be together and if it hadn’t been for a little help from Jillian Chantal, they probably wouldn’t have hooked up. Thanks, Jillian!

You see, Ramsey “Ram” Reinhardt is a rock star. Not just any rock star, but a lion shifting rock star. He’s seen, and done, it all. Women flock to him and the other members of Saber, his band. All except for Daisy who’s had her heart broken by a lion shifter in the past. This bear shifter isn’t about to let it happen all over again, but Ram hasn’t become the lead singer of one of the most popular hard rock bands by giving up.

It was so much fun to write about Ram’s band as well as the concert where Daisy first sees him in person. As most of you who follow this blog know, I’m a huge music fanatic. I’m partial to heavy metal and hard rock, but I have pretty eclectic tastes. If you want an idea of what I listen to, flip through some of the old What’s Playing Wednesday posts. Every month I pick a different theme and August is no different.

I couldn’t exactly have a hard rock band without having inspiration, so I’ve decided to dedicate this month to songs that inspired me to come up with the band, Saber. (They’re all cat shifters¬†and the band name is a nod to their mutual ancestor the saber tooth tiger.) Ram has a gruff, gravelly voice, so this first song is to showcase his vocals. If I had to pick any singer Ram sounds like, it would be Philip Labonte of All That Remains. But I couldn’t leave Daisy out of it, this song definitely gives us her mindset when she meets Ram.

Besides, I adore this song. It played a lot when I was writing Primal Song and every time I hear it, I picture Ram and Daisy’s unconventional love affair. I hope you enjoy this first installation in my month of Saber Inspiration. Here is The Waiting One.

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