Saber Inspiration #4

We’re nearing the end of our Saber inspiration month of What’s Playing Wednesdays. I’ve had a lot of fun finding the songs that inspired me for Ram’s band. They’re tough shifters with an edgy sound, but that isn’t necessarily who they are.

Someone asked me how I managed to make Ram both bad ass, dominant and sensitive. Well, just because a person is tough and hardcore doesn’t mean they can’t have a softer side. We all display many different personality traits. I like to believe that most people are balanced. Not all rough, not all soft, but a mixture of both.

Ram is perhaps one of my favorite heroes because although he’s this lion shifter with major sex appeal, he has a softer side, especially when it comes to Daisy. This is proven when she asks him to sing his favorite song. If you’ve been following this month’s What’s Playing Wednesdays, you’ll have realized the type of music Saber plays is hard, fast and all about good times. So it came as a surprise to me (I know, I’m the writer, but he shocked me) when Ram started singing Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds.

And that’s today’s song. I happen to love this song as well, so I wasn’t very upset he chose this instead of something more in line with Saber’s usual sound. I think it might appeal to Ram’s songwriter side, the sensitive musician who likes the message the song sends and not his lion who might like the idea of hunting down three little birds.

But I’ll let y’all decide.

 Oh! And don’t forget I still have a blog tour going on this month with chances to win prizes. You can find the schedule here. And you can also hear me on The Author’s Corner, Thursday Nite  with host, Elaine Raco Chase.  Call in and chat – head to – click on blog talk radio at 8PM EASTERN time….podcasts are available after the show!


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