Fantasy Man Friday

Another week has ended and I’m sure we’re all breathing a sigh of relief strong enough to rival a hurricane.

I had a good week. Good because I got the edits back on Primal Design (Cajun Heat 2) and they weren’t as awful as I thought they’d be. That’s one of my biggest worries when I get the “dreaded” edits in my email. How bad is it going to be? Will I want to curl into a ball and cry for Mama because they’re awful? Turns out they were good. A few plot problems here and there, a few spots that needed clarification, oh and a here/hear issue that made me want to slap myself.

It’s easy to do. I think. I get caught up in the scene and my fingers will fly over the keyboard. And apparently I can’t spell when that happens. What made me want to slap myself though is that I didn’t catch the problem during my editing and revising stage before sending it to my editor. It was one of those head slap moments that will ensure I never do it again.

But today’s Friday and it’s the start of my blog tour blitz. I’m over at Close Encounters with the Night Kind with a book review. This is a massive tour and there’ll be several goodies up for grabs. From backlist books to Primal Song swag, it’ll be an almost nonstop party. I hope y’all will stop over to learn more about Ram and Daisy and the world of the Cajun Heat series!

And now for the very special part of Fridays. The Fantasy Man (echo of manmanmanman).

Hello, rock star! I don’t know if he’s a rock star, but he looks it, doesn’t he? The tattoos, the hard body and he’s teasing us with it all. If only he’d just drop the damn pants! *goes back for several more looks* Yummy…pardon me while I wipe away the drool.

*several minutes later* Oops. I was mesmerized by his abs…among other things. Heh.

Happy Friday! Have a safe and fun weekend!


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8 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. NICE!! Good choice.

    I’m excited that your edits went so quickly! Way to go-

  2. The tattoos are what do it for me!!! 🙂

  3. Oooh! I clicky and it enlarges! Nice!!!!!
    Wouldn’t you have loved to have been the tatoo artist?

  4. I always wondered what that meant… ‘edits’. For some reason I imagined a bunch of corrections where you just accepted them and suddenly you had a finished product.

    • I wish that was the case! It’s more like suggestions about word usage, plotting issues and formatting/grammatical issues we need to address before we send it back. The editor goes over the revised version and if they approve the changes, the book is sent to production

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