Release Day Fantasy Man

Today isn’t our average Friday. Oh no, it’s Release Day for Primal Song! Wooooooooo! Can you hear me screaming from there? Seriously, y’all, I am hyped up, ready to get this show on the road.

Why do I suddenly have the urge to say, “We love you Detroit! Goodnight!” Heh. I guess the guys from Saber (my fictional band) have influenced me more than I realized.

*calms down* Okay, that isn’t working. I’m giddy. I love release days. It’s one of the best highs of being a writer. You work for months on a story, polish it until it shines and let it go. Fly, be free, little book! And you pray it doesn’t take a nosedive. But even that fear adds its own weird rush to the joy of having a new book out.

When I got the release date, I looked at the calendar and thought, “How cool is that? It’s coming out on a Friday!” And we all know what Fridays are about here on Unearthly Musings. The menz. Fridays are about sexy menz and their sexy bodies and their ripped abs and bulging um, everything heh.

So I found a man who closely resembles what I imagine Ram to look like. You probably think he’s all golden blond hair and all, but he isn’t. This is what I picture him like when he’s trying to seduce Daisy:

Oh yeah…nom, nom, nom, gimme some! Daisy is a lucky witch to have this hunk of gorgeous to come home to. Well, once they work out their problems, but wouldn’t you give things a shot if you had this man waiting for you, all sexy rock star and testosterone? Hell, I’m not sure I’d ever leave him alone. I’d be all grabby hands and drool. Okay, maybe not the drool…unless he was doing a Magic Mike dance for me. Then it’s on!

Happy Friday y’all. If you get the chance, check out my release day party over at Close Encounters with the Night Kind and enter to win prizes! Unfortunately, this guy is not part of the giveaway. Even if I did have him to give away, I certainly wouldn’t. Heh.


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4 responses to “Release Day Fantasy Man

  1. Very nice choice for this lovely release day. Ummm, yeah. He looks like someone named Ram.

  2. That is one awesome cover!!! Congratulations!!

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