Saber Inspiration Song #1

So as most of y’all know, the first book in my Cajun Heat series, Primal Song comes out on Friday. I’ve been giddy for at least two weeks. It doesn’t seem real that this book found a home at such an amazing publishing house, but it has and I couldn’t be happier.

Even better, I was able to tell a story about two characters who at turns frustrated me and amused me. Daisy and Ram shouldn’t be together and if it hadn’t been for a little help from Jillian Chantal, they probably wouldn’t have hooked up. Thanks, Jillian!

You see, Ramsey “Ram” Reinhardt is a rock star. Not just any rock star, but a lion shifting rock star. He’s seen, and done, it all. Women flock to him and the other members of Saber, his band. All except for Daisy who’s had her heart broken by a lion shifter in the past. This bear shifter isn’t about to let it happen all over again, but Ram hasn’t become the lead singer of one of the most popular hard rock bands by giving up.

It was so much fun to write about Ram’s band as well as the concert where Daisy first sees him in person. As most of you who follow this blog know, I’m a huge music fanatic. I’m partial to heavy metal and hard rock, but I have pretty eclectic tastes. If you want an idea of what I listen to, flip through some of the old What’s Playing Wednesday posts. Every month I pick a different theme and August is no different.

I couldn’t exactly have a hard rock band without having inspiration, so I’ve decided to dedicate this month to songs that inspired me to come up with the band, Saber. (They’re all cat shifters and the band name is a nod to their mutual ancestor the saber tooth tiger.) Ram has a gruff, gravelly voice, so this first song is to showcase his vocals. If I had to pick any singer Ram sounds like, it would be Philip Labonte of All That Remains. But I couldn’t leave Daisy out of it, this song definitely gives us her mindset when she meets Ram.

Besides, I adore this song. It played a lot when I was writing Primal Song and every time I hear it, I picture Ram and Daisy’s unconventional love affair. I hope you enjoy this first installation in my month of Saber Inspiration. Here is The Waiting One.

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