It’s time for What’s Playing Wednesday!

Since acronyms are so popular nowadays, I’ve decided that’s going to be the theme for our musical Wednesdays. Trust me when I say I worked hard to find these songs.

First up is by a lady named Jeannie C. Riley. The song is “Harper Valley PTA”. I believe it came out sometime in the 60s, which was before my time, but I do remember listening to this song a lot as a kid. Probably because it was one of my mom’s favorite songs. To be honest, I could see my mom pulling a tell all at a PTA meeting. (Which she never went to.)

So I hope this song brings back some fond memories for some of y’all. If this is your first time listening, give it a try. You might find that you like it.

And, lest you think I forgot, Happy Independence Day!

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