The Freak Out

It’s funny really. Up until about eight years ago, I was adamant about never owning a cell phone. I had many reasons for my resistance. Mostly because I hated the thought of people being able to call me at any time and expecting me to answer. I really don’t like talking on the phone. When work took me further away from home, getting a cell phone was essential in case of an emergency. Then smart phones came out and I resisted that too because what was I going to do with one? I caved again.

I’m talking about this today because I forgot my phone at home and was too far away to turn around and go back for it. My brain immediately went into withdrawal mode. How was I going to check my email without my phone, how was I going to be able to see if my edits came in? What about Twitter and Facebook, how was I going to keep in touch with my peeps? Or, what if Gerard Butler finally calls my phone to tell me he’s been dreaming about me and wants to make me his wife?

Okay, that last part isn’t happening, but the others, yeah. I’m sans cell phone today and it’s freaking me out. I never realized how essential having one had become to my life. As a writer, it helps me keep in touch with people (writers and readers).  As a somewhat normal human being, it means I can contact my family and friends whenever I want.

Without my phone, I feel like a castaway. Like I’ll suddenly look at my stapler and decide I need to name it Stan and have meaningful conversations with it as we sit around the garbage can fire I start by rubbing two paperclips together.

Ah, see? Dementia is already setting in! Oh woe is me!

Do you feel freaked out when you don’t have your phone with you?


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5 responses to “The Freak Out

  1. I don’t have a smart phone, but I know what you mean about not having A phone around. I fought till the bitter end not to own one, too (just didn’t see any sense). Now if I don’t have it, I feel vulnerable. What if I break down on the road? How will I get in touch with anyone?
    What has that cell phone DONE to me??
    You kind of make me afraid of ever getting a smart phone. I don’t think I want to freak out THAT much!! 🙂

    If this shows up twice, it’s because the first one appears to have gotten eaten!

  2. EEK!! I forgot mine at lunch only and wigged out. I can’t imagine. Lotsa luck!

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