Giveaway Results

The weekend is over *boo, hiss*, but it’s not all bad news. I’ve picked the winners for the two copies of You Bet Your Banshee from my release day giveaway and the giveaway held on Stacey Espino’s blog. They are…Marsha and flchen1! If you missed a chance to win this time around, never fear for I’ll be giving away three more copies at the end of the month. I’ll announce those guest appearances closer to the dates.

It was a horrible weekend. The weather was atrocious. Seriously atrocious. I think it might have been worse than when we had Tropical Storm Lee pass through her over Labor Day weekend. Rain, rain, more rain, and wind. My yard looks like a pool which means my pampered puppy tiptoes to do her business and old cat refuses to leave the porch.

I took a break from writing, but not brainstorming. In fact, I had one of the best brainstorming sessions with my mom yesterday. Sometimes writers need to talk to a non-writing person to get their thoughts straight. She helped me get through a huge plot snarl I plan to untangle this week and hopefully I’ll be able to send that story off to Evernight in a couple of weeks. Then, the WIP I finished last week is in the final stages of pre-edits for me to submit to Ellora’s Cave which I’m hoping to send to my editor this week.

Lots going on and more to come it seems, but that’s what a writer’s life is like, isn’t it?

How was your weekend?

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  1. My weekend was a rainy mess!

    Way to go on the brainstorming and the edits!

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