Shame On Me

I didn’t blog yesterday. *wince* Y’all forgive me, right?

I’ve come to the realization that as much as I love blogging and sharing all the craziness in my life, I have too much going on to blog everyday. Oh, I’ll still post as much as possible, but I’m going to ease back a little. I’ll still do my What’s Playing Wednesdays (because I love them so much), and definitely keep Fantasy Man Fridays (because I know how much y’all love them, it has nothing to do with my inherit need to scout out sexy mens), but I will be scaling back on the posts.

And saying that, I’m taking part in a blog hop. I know, I don’t do them often, but this time around I simply have to. Why? Because I’m going to be blog hopping with the other authors in the Keyboards and Kink Anthologywhich comes out June 8. So, starting June 4th through June 7th, you have the chance to comment on any of our blogs to win a copy of the anthology which has my short story, Immortal Game. How awesome is that?

On top of that release, it looks like You Bet Your Banshee is coming out June 6th. I’m really excited about it and already have the What’s Playing Wednesday theme ready to go for June. I’ll explain that next week and I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

In other news…it’s hot as hell down here. Just sayin’. Again. Because it bears repeating. It’s insanely hot and the day job has me outside for hours at a time this week. Joy, joy, joy. Notice there’s no happy to that familiar refrain? Yeah, ’cause heat does not amuse me. LOL


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4 responses to “Shame On Me

  1. Sorry you’re gonna slow down but I totally get why! AND you best keep the Friday guys or I’ll be showing up on your doorstep, chica!

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