Fantasy Man Friday

Yippee skippy for Friday! Woo-hoo! I’m so ready for this week to end, although it was a great week as far as I’m concerned. I’m over at Angelina Rain’s blog today for an interview. Give it a peek!

I got the cover for Primal Song and it’s boootiful! I worked through a problem in my WIP and punched out nearly 7,000 words yesterday. Woot! And I got to see my lovely godson who’s down from college. Of course he made baby Bennett cry just by looking at him, but he’s really a lovely young man. Honest.

This weekend looks to be great. I’m going to be over at Southern Sizzle Romance tomorrow talking about how I got a contract from an accidental pitch at Silken Sands Conference. While that’s awaiting your reading pleasure, I’ll be getting my hair did. Yay! The beautiful scarlet red I had is all faded now, but I’m thinking it’s time for a complete change-up. Maybe black? Maybe dark brown? Who knows? It all depends on what mood I’m in when I hit the salon with my sister.

And on Sunday, I’ve been invited to a crawfish boil. I can’t actually eat the crawfish because I’m allergic, but I get dibs on the potatoes and corn and other goodies that comes out of the pot. It should be a lot of fun and nearly the entire family will be there. Prepare for some stories next week! LOL

And now for the absolute best part of Fridays…the Fantasy Man:

Oh my, oh my, my, my…really, is there anything else to say? Other than “nomnomnom”? Or what about “Come to mama”? Yeah, I’m thinking all of those things. Rar.

Happy Friday, y’all. I hope you have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!


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9 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. My only complaint about the picture – it’s too small. Love the butt!!!!

  2. TheOthers1


  3. Verra verra nice! Next, week, turn him around.

    Looking forward to having you at SS tomorrow

  4. I’m with Jillian!!! Turn him around!
    By the way, of those nearly 7000 words you wrote yesterday, how many do you think you’ll actually keep? I’m curious what your writing process is like. Do you have to delete when you edit, or add?

    • I know, I want to see if the rest of him lives up to the promise of the backside too!

      I’ll keep about 80-90% of what I wrote yesterday. Usually when I’m in that kind of writing mode, I like what I write. It’s when I struggle to churn out 1000-2000 words that I hate what I’ve written, LOL. When I do go back to edit it though, I might take out a word here or there, or add an article I skipped in my haste, but for the most part, I keep all of it.

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