Can You Feel the Cover Love

Yesterday I received an awesome email. Yup, you guessed it. I got the cover for Primal Song, my Ellora’s Cave book. Let me give you a little background on the story before I show you the cover. (Like you can’t scroll down to see it for yourself.)

Not the official blurb:

Deputy Daisy Picou had her heart broken by a harem-forming lion when she was younger and now wants nothing to do with the mangy cats. But when a beast of a lion shifter shows up in her small town for an impromptu concert, her body decides it has to have him. Fighting against the pull of a lust stronger than anything she’s ever known, Daisy succumbs to Ram’s seductive moves and promises of forever. But she isn’t sure she can let of her past to grab hold of a future with a rock star whose life is worlds apart from her own. 

Ramsey “Ram” Reinhardt has done the rock star thing for a long time and has never felt anything like what he feels for the bear shifting deputy. He had no intention of sticking around the tiny town ofMaison Rouge, but with Daisy as its prime attraction, he has a feeling he’s finally found a home. It won’t be easy convincing the wary bear shifter to take a chance on him, but Ram hasn’t become a star by giving in. He’ll use every weapon at his disposal to make her realize they’re meant to be together. Forever.

That’s the gist of the story and here’s what the art department came up with for my cover:

Weee!!! They managed to fit the girl, the guy, their beasts, and the rock star bit. How awesome is that? I think you can tell at a glance this book is about shifters, hot sex, and music. What do you think?

And wait, is it any coincidence that I have two cover reveals this week? Will there be three? Because I’m still waiting on cover art for You Bet Your Banshee. *bounces*


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3 responses to “Can You Feel the Cover Love

  1. This one looks great, too. AND I love the name RAM!! How fun is that?

    This was FAST on the cover art. I like that a lot! Waiting for covers is no fun, I’m very impatient there.

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