Ah Youth

Last night we had a surprise visit from one of my younger cousins. Poor child. I suppose she’s so bored she doesn’t mind visiting her not-so-exciting-and-fun older cousin and aunt, but it’s always nice to see her.

I really think she was just too excited to go home and go to sleep. You see today’s her last day of high school. She graduates next week and she’s been counting the days for at least a year. I kept trying to tell her to enjoy it while she could because once high school is over the real world comes creeping in. She so doesn’t get that part.

Maybe it’s a combination of listening to the 90s rock channel on my satellite radio, or maybe it’s visits from the kids whose diapers I used to change, but I feel old now. I had just graduated from high school when she was born. I was free as a bird until college started and I couldn’t wait. When I look at her, all I can think was “God, I was the dumbest kid on Earth”.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? We spend all of our youth wanting to be older and all of our adult years wanting to be younger. I don’t think I’d want to go back to high school (I can’t blame my cousin there), but college would be fun. Especially now that they have all these cool things like Humans vs. Zombies (or is it Zombies vs. Humans?) and online classes and things like that. I was lucky that we had bubble sheets to take tests.

But I try not to wax poetic about those days. I don’t want to be the person who tells my nephews and cousins “When I was your age…” or “When I was in college we had to actually write things longhand…” Heh. Sorry, I’m snorting. Ahem.

My cousin has every right to enjoy her freedom from the public school system. I know it isn’t What’s Playing Wednesday, but there’s only one way to express the true excitement she must be feeling right now and that’s through song…

 Of course she’s much too young to probably know who Alice Cooper is, or know why it was considered okay for him to be on what was supposed to be a children’s program, but I couldn’t resist. Alice Cooper and The Muppets? You can’t lose!

Congrats to all those young graduates…if any of you read my blog.


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3 responses to “Ah Youth

  1. AWESOME choice of video! Love, love Alice. I heard someone on the radio the other day ask “who would name their son Alice?” and I had to reply outloud, in my car, “His name is VIncent, so his momma didn’t do it!” LOL! And yeah, I wanna be younger-not in school, just younger.

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