Fantasy Man Friday

Woo-hoo!! It’s time for another Fantasy Man Friday. Today is an exceptionally excellent Friday because I’m off from work. *chicken dance* I do love having days off. Of course I’m not really “off”. I’ll be cleaning house in preparation for Easter Sunday when the hoards will descend upon our home to eat all our food, talk loudly, rehash really old stories, and leave us with nothing for the rest of the week.

You know, it’s family. They do that.

But I plan to bask in the glow of my fantasy man as long as I can. Oh yes, he and I can spend the whole day together. In fact, he’ll have to spend the whole day with me. I insist on it and if he gets lippy with me…Image

Heh. What? At least now he can’t get out of bed to watch basketball or something, or decide the grass needs to be cut. He’s mine. All mine and since it’s a three-day weekend…Bwahahahaha! Rar.

Happy Easter, y’all!


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3 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Oh my goodness. I guess I would have to leave him for sustenance now and then but… BTW are these pictures getting closer and closer to full frontal or is that wishful thinking on my part?

  2. Stacy McKitrick

    Hubba, hubba!!

  3. ENJOY!! Sounds like a fun weekend- this guy and family time. hope you have a great Easter!

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