Immortal Love Music 1

Yup, it’s time for another What’s Playing Wednesday! I’m so excited. Really, I am. The first book in my Olympus, Inc. series, Immortal Love is coming out on April 30th. That gives me plenty of time to drive y’all crazy with it.

And the way I’m going to do that on my music days is to play songs that are either mentioned, or heard in the book. Of course I’m not going to play every single one, but I’ll play the ones that work with story.

First up is Derek and the Dominos “Bell Bottom Blues”. I love this song. Flat out adore it. That guitar playing just makes me want to cry. Well, in the story, this is the song that Mason and Roxy dance to. It uh, leads to a very interesting *cough, cough* scene on top of a bar but I’m not going into details. You’ll have to read the book 😉

So enjoy some beautiful music from Slowhand.


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4 responses to “Immortal Love Music 1

  1. KAK

    Oh, I can see how that song might lead to a little … erm, bar cleaning?

  2. I flat out adore it. too. AND I’m intrigued!!

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