Nice Shootin’

I’m a little late in my weekend roundup, but it’s worth it.

Saturday was a normal, do-everything-I-can’t-during-the-week day. I ran errands, brought my dog to the groomer, visited my dad, things like that. It just means I didn’t get anything significant done.

Sunday was entirely different. I already knew I was scheduled to go target shooting with my sister and brother-in-law, but my yard needed a little attention. I have a love/hate relationship with my yard. I hate cutting it, but I love for it to look pretty. And since the days have been so hot, I decided I had to mow it as soon as the sun came up. (On the off chance it would burn away some of the dew.)

Yeah, that didn’t exactly work out well. I managed to cut the yard in two hours because I needed frequent breaks. It really sucks how hot it is already. I kept hydrated (or so I thought) and by noon, I’d only been attacked by the rose-bush once and I was showered and ready to go shoot. Yay!

We headed out and when my brother-in-law opened the trunk of the car, I gaped. Yeah, there were lots of guns in there. Then my nephew showed up with more. My first thought was, “Yeah, we’re ready for the zombie apocalypse!”

Then we started shooting. It’s been twenty years since I shot anything other than the bird. We tried out a variety of shotguns, rifles, and handguns and my conclusion is that my sister, my nephew’s girlfriend, and I are screwed when the zombies come. We suck.

My sister kicked up so much mud and dirt we could’ve planted a nice garden from all the soil she plowed. I killed a lot of leaves and trees, but the way I figure, my sister can take out the zombies’ kneecaps and feet, and I’ll give them a haircut. My nephew’s girlfriend said she would be glad to reload for us.

By the time we used all the ammo for the handguns, I started getting light-headed. I’m not a fainter. I think the one time I did faint, I was sick with something, but I almost did a face plant in the field on Sunday. My head was swimming, I was seeing spots, and I knew it would be a very bad thing for me to take the 12 gauge again.

Once we got back in the car with the a/c, my stomach started cramping and I knew I had heat exhaustion. In April! It’s too damn early for that! But when I got back home and had a huge glass of water and sat in front of a fan for about two hours, I was fine.

Despite my problems and the heat, I had a blast. Literally. I’m going to blame my bad aim on heat exhaustion, not my lack of mad gun skillz. Since we plan to go back again soon, I think I need to brush up on my techniques.


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3 responses to “Nice Shootin’

  1. Glad you’re all right. AND yeah, it’s too early to be this hot and already haveing heat exhaustion- take care of yourself – we want you to be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse!

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