Fantasy Man Friday

Yay for Friday! Y’all probably get tired of my cheering for Fridays, but if you only knew how happy they make me…*sigh*

So plans for the weekend? Take my dog to the groomer, get my oil changed, do a little grocery shopping, and shoot guns. Yup, you heard me. I’ll be joining my brother-in-law, sister, possibly my mom, and a couple of other people in the family to target shoot. I haven’t been shooting in years, the last time being when I was about sixteen or so. I frustrated my stepdad because when I shot the revolver, I always hit the target a good three inches higher than I was supposed to. Hopefully age will have cured that. We’ll have to see.

I’m actually excited about shooting again. It’ll be fun, I think. Not as quiet and soothing as fishing, but hey, it’s still something to do, right?

There isn’t much else going on. No rodering this weekend. I’ll have to save that for another weekend, but I’m okay with that. Next week I’ll post the rest of the road trip and the pictures we took for y’all to see.

And now for today’s man.

It’s a downright shame he has the best bits covered, huh? I mean how are you supposed to recognize him if he’s walking down the street? That handkerchief has got to go! Bwahahaha!

Happy Friday, my friends and have a safe weekend!


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4 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Love the guy! Have fun at skeet! Sounds like a great weekend.

  2. oops, read that wrong- thought you were skett shooting but you’re doing the gun range thing! Late night last night,

  3. Another fabulous Friday Fantasy man. Had to deviate from my usual viewing as I am in a very public place =)

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