Road Trip Part Two

Yesterday I talked about the start of our little road trip. Today I’m continuing with some really great pictures. We left the Sunshine Bridge behind and headed for Donaldsonville.

Acadians first began to settle in Donaldsonville in 1765. It was called something else back then, but in 1806, William Donaldson commissioned an architect to build the town. We took a few pictures of the buildings and homes found in and around the area.

This was a great old house we saw on our way into town. It needs a lot of loving, tender care and money to make it a showplace again.

Next on our pictorial tour is the Bank of Ascension. Donaldsonville is the parish seat of Ascension Parish and at one time served as the state capital when New Orleans was deemed “too noisy”. I just loved this building so much and could’ve spent hours staring at it, but Donaldsonville has lots of other buildings to ogle.

This building was the home of the oldest family-oriented department store in the state of Louisiana, B. Lemann & Brothers. This building was built circa 1877, but the department store seems to have been in operation since 1836. It’s now closed to the public, but it’s pretty darn nice!

This is a row of shotgun houses. We had to take this picture because I was reminded of New Orleans. The houses aren’t as fancy as those in the French Quarter, but you can tell they’re old and I think they look cute.

I’m not sure what this building is now, but we think it was probably some kind of store at one time. Maybe it was even a boarding house or something. The bus parked in front of it makes me think it’s either empty, or used for some after school programs or something. It looks like it was taken straight out of the French Quarter.

Now this old building had to have been a general store. Look at that steep roof. This one is no longer used as far as we could see, which seems like a shame.

The funny thing is most of these buildings aren’t even listed as having historical significance with the exception of the B. Lemann & Brothers building. There’s so much to see in this area, we probably could have spent a week in the area and found something new each time.

Stay tuned, I’ll be back Thursday with more pictures!


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7 responses to “Road Trip Part Two

  1. Love the pictures! I’m a huge fan of old buildings and I so enjoyed these. I’d be thrilled to have that one on top! Fix that puppy up.

  2. I love old buildings – and there’s certainly some great ones in your area! Great pics 🙂

  3. Marsha Dupont

    The one with the bus is now used as a storage facility for a nearby bed and breakfast that I happened to have worked for previously. I’m so glad I could answer a question for you! 🙂

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