Fantasy Man Friday

I have to say despite being stuck in a boring OSHA regulation seminar, the Ides of March was good to me.

While I was sitting in class, listening to talk about PPE and emergency action plans and how many bathrooms are required by OSHA standards, I got an email from Siren. The first book in my Three Kingdoms Trilogy, You Bet Your Banshee, was accepted for publication!

That’s right! I have two books coming out soon. Immortal Love is slated for a release sometime in April and Banshee is scheduled for June. Can we say booyah? On top of that, I had an unexpected present from work that’ll make life a lot easier in the upcoming months.

By the time I got home, my head felt like it was going to explode. I had to hurry and start packing for Silken Sands, but I didn’t even mind the rush. I hope it’s a great conference. I’m looking forward to visiting with my GCRWA friends and hello, it’s on the beach in Florida. Can we say hopefully there’s plenty of eye candy for me to ogle?

Speaking of eye candy, I had to find a guy who reminds me of the hero of Banshee. He’s a halfling. Part water elf and part Gancanah (sexual male faerie) so yeah, he’s h.o.t.! His name is Ryvan, what do you think?
Come to mama…

I really can’t say anymore than that because my tongue’s all tied up *cough*

Have a great weekend folks!

Happy Friday!


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3 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Susan Serigny

    Great news, Danica! I’m so ready to read more of your stuff!

  2. semckitrick

    Congratulations!! So happy for you.
    Hope you have fun at your convention, too. Maybe you will see Mr. Hottie (and he’s certainly that!) on the beach. Stranger things have happened.

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