Funky Fire

The What’s Playing Wednesdays theme for this month is fire.

I have a fascination with fire that I can’t explain. No, I’m not a pyromaniac or anything, but I love to watch a fire whether it’s in a fireplace, or a bonfire. There’s something mesmerizing about the colors and randomness in the flames as they dance. The sight of a fire makes all of my worries fade away, leaving me filled with peace.

I love the colors as well, going so far as to make sure the tattoos I have are in golds, oranges, and reds. I can’t seem to break away from the theme and I don’t want to.

So today’s song is by a band from the 70s which means lots of funk and bass and horns. Maybe it’s my tuba playing roots, but I love funk. When I decided to go with the fire theme, I knew this song had to be in the mix.

Here’s the Ohio Players with “Fire”. Now get up and dance. You know you want to!



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4 responses to “Funky Fire

  1. YEAH! Love this one. AND I love, love, love a fire. You’re right about the colors being awesome. Thanks for this song- will listen again now!

  2. KAK

    The chorus is totally ingrained, but this is the first time I’ve heard the whole song. Thank you and your tuba love for edumacating me.

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