Fantasy Man Friday

Happy Friday! Woot-woot! Okay, I’m not actually here. As you’re reading this, I’m running errands before I head to New Orleans for the Fantasy on the Bayou FF&P Conference.

I’m excited and slightly sick to my stomach. Today I’m giving my very first workshop. Part of me hopes no one shows up, while the other part fears no one will show up. Then there’s the ever present fear that I’ll stare out at a room of people and have nothing to say. On top of that fear is that I’ll have one of my infamous choking fits when I cough like I’m about to spit out a lung with tears running down my face and other mucusy things making their presence known and people will think I’m dying and call an ambulance and with my luck the EMT will be really cute and my mascara will make me look like a raccoon and…okay, I’m a little nervous.

I need to calm down, right? They’re just people. They’re just my peers! Cher bon dieu!

I know how to calm myself down. I need a sexy man to take all my worries away. I can even pretend he’s the EMT who has to give me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and will fall madly in love with me over my oxygen mask…





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  1. Nice one!! Just now getting to seeing him since I was gone since thursday!

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