I’m a heavy reader. Seriously, sometimes it’s a wonder I can write anything because I almost always have my nose buried in a book. The problem with this is that it takes a while for my favorite authors to have new offerings. Well, the only problem it poses is to my checkbook because while I’m waiting for new books, I check out new authors, but even that doesn’t work all the time and I end up rereading.

But y’all know this already. What you probably don’t know is that sometimes the anticipation of a new book coming out is so great that I dream I’m reading it. Crazy, huh? No kidding though, Tuesday night, after all the newest releases came out and I eagerly snapped up a couple I had been waiting for, I dreamed about the book I’m really waiting to read.

Shelly Laurenston has Bear Meets Girl at the end of this month, but every time I search for something to buy, I find myself checking out the release date. Just you know, in case they decide to release it a whole month early. Between Kresley Cole and Shelly Laurenston, I live in a constant state of “OMG, is her new book coming out soon? Huh? Huh? Huh? Is it? Why isn’t it out now? Why do I have to wait a whole year? How do I get to be their critique partner so I can read it before everyone else?”

Sad, huh? Yup, but even worse is that I dreamed I was reading Bear Meets Girl. I can’t remember all the details of the story, but I will be so pissed at myself if I actually got some parts right. I try to avoid reading excerpts of my favorite authors because I don’t want to ruin the surprise of the book. I don’t shake Christmas presents either. I want to be surprised. I want the anticipation to fill me up to the point that I’m going insane from wondering how the book will be.

Is that weird? What am I saying? I know I’m weird and the look my own mother gave me after I explained my newest series idea to her, she thinks so as well. C’est la vie, I am who I am.

How about you? Do you anticipate your favorite authors’ books to the point of weirdness?


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2 responses to “Anticipation

  1. I STALK their websites hoping to catch an early release. 🙂 I’m right there with you!!! 🙂

    • LOL and I was going to say “stalk is such a harsh word…” but I do check them out constantly and reread their books over and over so I’m ready for the new release and…okay, I stalk. A little bit, LOL

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