Pampered and Relaxed

I love weekends when I get to do girly things. I don’t do them very often because most of those girly things cost way too much money for me to do all the time, but this weekend was an exception.

With the upcoming conferences, my hair needed an overhaul. My roots were showing, I could see the gray along my hairline, and the red had dulled to a less interesting color. Since I was also going to be wearing open-toe shoes, I knew I’d need to get a pedicure. It wasn’t hard to rope my older sister into coming with me.

We spent a couple of hours getting our hair done (I walked out with a bright blonde, vibrant red, and deep black color set) and headed next door to get our pedicures. Ah, bliss. I haven’t had my toes done in…well, long enough that I didn’t want anyone to see them. As one of my co-workers said once, “I needed to do something with those puppies!”

Then, the big sis and I headed over to one of our favorite Thai restaurants. It’s really funny to realize there’s more than one in our hometown. It used to be the only restaurants we had were a couple of Chinese joints, a lot of steak and seafood houses, and fast food. Now we have three Thai restaurants, four Japanese restaurants, more Chinese places than you can shake a stick at, and a Greek restaurant. It’s so weird! But we went to one of our favorite places and stuffed ourselves.

It wasn’t easy rolling myself out of bed this morning because I could’ve used another day off, but I’m not cranky today. I’m…feeling good and relaxed and ready for the conferences to start.

Here’s to a great week!


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3 responses to “Pampered and Relaxed

  1. Sounds like a blissful time. Wish I could pop over to new Orleans for the shindig but heading to Atlanta. I will see you in two weeks tho! One of the only reasons I’m going is to see you.

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