A Blank Slate

I can’t think of any Cajun French lessons to pass on to you today. The only thing I can really come up with is Swamp People because I was talking with my nephew about it over the weekend.

I really enjoy the show although I do spend a good bit of time cringing. Some of the things said, or done, during the show are outright exaggerations, but that makes for good television. The one thing I get a kick out of, but that irritates me, are the subtitles.

Are they really so hard to understand? Most of the time I have to look away from the television so I can concentrate on what they’re saying, rather than read what they’re saying. Does that make sense? If I read the subtitles, I can’t really gauge their emotions. Then again, looking away from the television means I miss something.

Then we had to talk about who our favorites are. My nephew and I both agree that Mitch and Glen are downright hilarious, but if I had to pick an absolute favorite, it’d be Troy. Second to him would be Liz because what woman wouldn’t admire another who had the courage and know-how to go out catching alligators? I mean, that’s just awesome.

But then we went back to talking about the subtitles. It seems I’m not the only one from here who has a problem with them.

I’ll put the question to y’all. If you watch Swamp People, do you have to read the subtitles to understand any of the hunters when they’re speaking?


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3 responses to “A Blank Slate

  1. Nope, don’t need them. I can understand the Swampers just fine. Could be the French Canadian in me though.

  2. Jillian

    Haven’t watched. Sounds like something fun, though

  3. cookiemomma

    We love Swamp People and I actually know a few of the guys on the show. The subtitles are absolutely ridiculous. Of course those guys’ accents really are no where near as thick when they are not being filmed.

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