Shame, Shame

I realized this morning that I’ve been neglecting my social media duties. I had to sit down to ponder why this is and I realized it’s because I’m so consumed with writing and editing, I can’t think of anything witty, or interesting to say.

Even further, I’ve begun to neglect the blogs I usually read. That’s happened over time with shifting urls, more responsibilities on my shoulders, and wonky internet connections. I do apologize to everyone if I’ve stopped commenting on your blogs. I do read them when I remember, but with life so…I don’t know, interesting? Complicated? I sometimes forget.

Which makes me feel awful, like I’m letting everyone down, although I sincerely doubt my absence has been noticed by anyone except for me. Isn’t that the way it goes though?

Ah well, I do apologize if I’ve been neglecting everyone. If these characters would just leave me alone for five bloody minutes, I’d probably have something funny to say. As it is, they’re making me save everything for them. Ungrateful heroines. *mutters*

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One response to “Shame, Shame

  1. I’m with you on the neglect of friends’ blogs. I’m finding myself overwhelmed by I don’t know what all and when I find time to check out my mates’ blogs, I feel like I’m doing a drive-by. Just know I love ya and try to get over here as often as I can.

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